Students are diverse individuals and caution must be exercised in categorizing students as a homogeneous population. There are, however, some generalizations that can be made about student employees and, consequently, some implications for supervision.

Students are short-term employees. Their primary goal and their first concern is academics.

Students have a desire for quick results and impact.

Students are struggling with a great deal of issues related to:

  • Autonomy from their parents
  • Relationships with their peers
  • Independence and self-management skills
  • Academic performance
  • Discovering who they are as individuals
  • The integration and acceptance of a workable value system
  • A career and life direction
  • Establishing an ethical and moral base of reasoning

Students are free from the constraints of experience or vested interest in long-term employment.

Supervisors should read: Ten Strategies to Help Student Employees Succeed (PDF)