Syllabus Statements

Please feel free to utilize these statements on your syllabus regarding the Center for Academic Success and Supplemental Instruction.

General Statement about the Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success, located on the second floor of the UCC, provides free services for you. Peer Tutoring appointments are available for the core curriculum courses, Supplemental Instruction is offered in over 70 course sections, and Academic Coaching is available for any student seeking to become a more skilled and confident learner. Please visit their website, call 678-839-6280, or stop by the front desk in the UCC to make an appointment or learn more.

For Stem Courses with Supplemental Instruction

There are Supplemental Instruction (SI) study sessions available for this course. These study groups are open to anyone enrolled in this course who would like to stay current with the course material and develop a better understanding of the material. Students who attend these interactive sessions will find themselves working with peers as they compare notes, demonstrate and discuss pertinent problems and difficult concepts, and develop learning/study strategies. Sessions are led by our SI leader who is attending class and preparing SI sessions based on the class content. Students are asked to arrive with their lecture notes and questions to these informal, peer-led study sessions. Sessions last 50 minutes to one hour. Attendance is voluntary, but extremely beneficial for those who attend weekly. Students who participate in SI sessions typically earn higher final course grades and exam grades than students who do not participate in SI. SI is not a substitute for class attendance or individual studying. Times and locations for the study session will be announced in class.

For Non-Stem Courses with Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) study sessions are offered for this course. SI sessions meet two times a week, throughout the semester. Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program which provides peer-led group study sessions to assist students in traditionally difficult courses. SI sessions are led by a SI leader who has already mastered the course material and has been trained to facilitate group sessions where students can meet to improve their understanding of course material, review and discuss important concepts, develop study strategies and prepare for exams. SI is for everyone, and open to all students enrolled in this class; not just those students who are struggling. Attendance at SI sessions is voluntary. Students, who attend SI sessions weekly, typically earn higher final course and exam grades than students who do not participate in SI. Please bring your lecture notes, books, and questions with you. The time and location of your SI session will be announced in class.