Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an internationally recognized academic assistance program. SI uses the approach to learning that supports students toward academic success by integrating “what to learn” with “how to learn.” SI consists of regularly scheduled group sessions that are led by an SI leader that has successfully completed the same course. The SI leader attends class with the students to keep abreast the course material, and meets with the professor to gain additional insight on how to succeed in the course.

The Benefits

Sessions are:

  • FUN!
  • Free
  • Voluntary
  • Open to all students in the course

University of West Georgia students who utilize SI, on average, earn from half a letter grade to a FULL LETTER GRADE HIGHER than students who don't utilize SI.

Whether you’re struggling with the course material or simply want to gain study skills and tips, come to SI! We’re here to help and we’d love to see you there.

 Accreditation Certificate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City

The University of West Georgia is fully accredited by the International Center

for Supplemental Instruction at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.