Peer Tutoring is free and available to undergraduate students at the University of West Georgia. 

Peer Tutoring is available face-to-face and virtually!

Spring 2022 tutoring begins Tuesday, January 18. To schedule an appointment, please feel free to schedule an appointment via EAB Navigate or email or call 678-839-6280. 

Drop-In Tutoring begins Tuesday, January 18. Students can drop by for tutoring in the Center for Academic Success on Monday-Thursday from 4-7PM.

The STEM Drop-In Tutoring Center located in Boyd 302  is open for drop-in tutoring for undergraduate science and math courses on Tuesday, January 18.


General Information about Peer Tutoring

Course Support:

The Peer Tutoring Program works to support all of the UWG Core Curriculum as well as some upper-level courses. If you do not see your course available for tutoring support, please fill out the Peer Tutoring Course Request Form and we will work to fulfill your request or direct you to an appropriate resource.

No-Show Policy:

The Center for Academic Success has a 2 no-show policy, which means that after 2 or more no shows or same-day cancellations, students are not able to make future appointments. This is to make sure we are protecting the valuable time of our tutors as well as making them as available as possible to other students on campus.

Cancellation Policy:

If you plan to cancel your tutoring appointment, you must cancel it 24 hours in advance. You will be unable to make tutoring appointments if you have 2 no-shows or same day cancellations.

Materials to Bring to Your Appointment:

Your tutor expects you to come prepared to your appointment. You are encouraged to bring your textbook, notes, syllabus, past tests, completed homework and quizzes. Additionally, you are welcome to bring challenging problems and questions you'd like to ask your tutor. 

What to Expect from Your Tutor and What Your Tutor Expects from You:

During your appointment, your tutor will assess your study skills and make recommendations to help you become a more efficient student. They will complement your work and provide suggestions, but they will NOT do your homework or take tests/quizzes for you. Your tutor expects you to do your best to understand the material and your homework before attending an appointment. Furthermore, they expect you to read your syllabi, be an active student in class, and be aware of test and due dates so you can pace yourself and avoid cramming.

In general, tutors are excellent sources of information regarding resources available to you on campus.

Become a Peer Tutor:

We welcome ongoing applications! If you are interested in serving as a Peer Tutor, please apply online.  Students interested in becoming a Peer Tutor should maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.