Evaluation of Personal Counseling

The evaluation of the counseling programs consists of three parts. The first is demographic information that describes the students who come to counseling at UWG, and the reasons that they present to counseling. The second part of the evaluation is done biannually and evaluates the efficacy of the counseling itself and whether the counseling is meeting the stated needs of the student. Thirdly the evaluations seeks to discern the extent to which the counseling center is meeting its goals of keeping the campus safe for all students to learn and to contribute to the university’s goals of retention, progression and graduation of students outlined in the precepts of Complete College Georgia.

Evaluation of Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services will conduct its first program evaluation beginning Spring 2013. (Results will be posted in April 2013.) The evaluation will be conducted biannually and is formatted similarly to the counseling evaluation. We collect demographic information, we evaluate the student experience with Accessibility Services, and we assess the extent to which the program is meeting the tenants of Complete College Georgia.