• Unsure About a Major?

    Upon returning to UWG, students may want to change their major, or depending on when a student last attended, their major may not be offered anymore.  There are several resources at UWG that can help!

    To change majors, students can visit the academic department of the major they wish to declare.  Students will be assigned a new academic advisor upon declaring a new major.

    Students who are undeclared or undecided can meet with an undeclared advisor in the Advising Center to explore some different options for choosing a major.  To set up an appointment with an undeclared advisor, call 678-839-5342 or email advising@westga.edu.

    Career counselors in Career Services can also assist students with major exploration by using a variety of tools to find careers that align with students' particular interests and skills.  To meet with a career counselor, contact Career Services at 678-839-6431 or careers@westga.edu

  • Readmission of Former UWG Undergraduate Students

    Undergraduate students who were previously enrolled at UWG, but have not been in attendance for three semesters, and students who have been academically suspended for one year or dismissed must apply for readmission with the Enrollment Services Center.

    Graduate students seeking readmission should contact the Office of Graduate and International Admission (OGIA) at graduate@westga.edu or 678-839-1393.

    Students who have attended another college or university since last attending UWG must submit official transcripts from each institution attended. Students previously enrolled at UWG as transient, Senior Enrichment, Gifted Junior, or Advanced Academy must reapply through the Office of Admissions.

    Readmitted students will have their Satisfactory Academic Progress checked by Financial Aid after the Readmission process is completed with the Enrollment Services Center.

  • Readmission of UWG Candidates for Graduation or those who have recently graduated

    Student records are marked inactive for the term immediately following their scheduled graduation. Currently enrolled students who are candidates for an upcoming graduation or students who have recently graduated must complete a readmission application to enroll in courses for the next or future terms. During the readmission application process the student will be given the option of selecting to return as a degree seeking (2nd degree) or non-degree seeking (professional development) student. Once the readmission application is processed, the student will need to meet with an academic advisor in the department of the major indicated on the Readmission Application to be able to register for an upcoming semester. Students who are not currently enrolled will be able to register during the open registration period once they have been accepted and met with an academic advisor. See Registrar Calendar inside the SCOOP for registration dates.

  • Readmission of students in the 3+2 Dual Degree Program

    Students in the above program that have not been in attendance for three semesters must apply for readmission with the Enrollment Services Center at least ten (10) weeks prior to the end of the term in which they are seeking to graduate from the University of West Georgia. Students must submit official transcripts from each institution attended since last attending the University of West Georgia at least ten (10) weeks prior to the end of the term in which they are seeking to graduate from the University of West Georgia. Students currently enrolled at another institution must also submit an official transcript at the end of the term in which they are readmitted. The Registrar’s Office will be responsible for ensuring that student’s readmitted for the term in which they are seeking to graduate, remain “Active” in the system. Students enrolled in the above degree programs will most likely not be registered for classes at the University of West Georgia during the term in which they are seeking to graduate.

    Students must also submit an Application for Graduation. The Enrollment Services Center will notify any Dual Degree students lacking the Readmission Application of the Readmission requirement after the Application for Graduation has been submitted.
    Spring Graduation Application Deadline: October 1st
    Summer Graduation Application Deadline: March 1st
    Fall Graduation Application Deadline: August 1st

  • To Apply for Readmission to UWG

    Please complete the University of West Georgia Undergraduate Application for Readmission by the following deadlines: 

    Spring - November 15th

    Summer - May 15th

    Fall - June 1st

    Allow at least 15 business days for processing after the receipt of all documentation. A letter will be mailed to eligible students indicating their status of acceptance.

  • Next Steps After Readmission
    1. First, all undergraduate students must be advised prior to registration. Contact the department of your major to set up an appointment, or if you are undeclared, contact the Advising Center. If you first attended under the quarter system, our Undergraduate Quarter Hour Equivalencies Chart will help you determine the UWG quarter to semester conversions for course and degree evaluations.
    2. Students may register on Banweb or in person in the Registrar’s Office. Your Banweb User ID is your Social Security or Student ID number, and your Pin number has been re-set to the last two digits of your birth year and the last four digits of your Social Security number unless you have updated it recently.
    3. Check your Banweb account for registration holds, and call the department(s) that placed the hold for information on having the hold removed. Students must clear all holds and pay all fines before registration is allowed.
    4. Check your Banweb account for your current academic standing. All students, including first-semester freshman and transfer students, who fail to meet the retention standards, will be on probation the next semester of enrollment. A student on probation who makes satisfactory progress toward reaching the retention standard will continue on probation until their retention standard has been met. Satisfactory progress in this context means that the student earns a grade point average of 2.0 or better for all semesters on probation. Failure to meet the 2.0 semester grade point average will result in academic suspension or academic dismissal. Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for further explanation.
    5. Information concerning dates, times, classes and procedures for registration can be found on the Registrar Office’s web page, and the Scoop is also a great resource for information regarding registration instructions, university policies, fees, and core requirements.
    6. If your major has changed since your previous enrollment, please notify the department of your new chosen major.
    7. If you think you are eligible for in-state status or an out-of-state tuition waiver, please view our Tuition Classification section for further information.
    8. Upon your acceptance, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Student Handbook, as amended.
  • Academic Renewal Policy

    For more information regarding UWG's Academic Renewal Policy, please visit our website devoted to Academic Renewal.

  • Two-Year College Graduates/Former Students

    For a one time option only, students who have been academically suspended for one (1) year or dismissed from the University of West Georgia may be readmitted as degree candidates after having completed a two-year degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

    Students wanting to enroll as a two-year graduate should submit a Readmission Application by the above deadlines. The Readmission Application must then be approved by the Director of Admissions. To ensure the completed coursework will transfer to the University of West Georgia, it is highly recommended students complete their associate degree at a University System of Georgia College.

    All transfer credit requirements, as noted in the catalog, still apply. It is required students have an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science in an academic degree program. An Associate of Applied Science cannot be used for the Two-Year Graduate option. After a student has been approved for readmission, they must complete a minimum of 60 academic hours after the associate degree with at least a 2.0 grade point average to earn a bachelor’s degree.

    For a comprehensive list of regionally accredited colleges in the University System of Georgia please visit http://www.usg.edu/institutions/.

    As stated above, students are strongly advised to attend one of the regionally accredited colleges in the University System of Georgia to ensure their coursework will transfer into the University of West Georgia’s core area.