• What is Wolf Watch?

    Wolf Watch is a web-based tool designed to help students and advisors monitor students’ progression toward degree completion. Wolf Watch tracks degree progress, prepares for registration, and plans for graduation. Wolf Watch is not a substitute for face-to-face advising appointments. The Wolf Watch Degree Audit tool is available to undergraduate students first admitted Fall 1998 or later through BanWeb. Come by the ESC Monday -Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to review your Wolf Watch.

  • How to Access Wolf Watch?

    Log onto your myUWG account.

    Click on the BanWeb tab

    Click on the "Wolf Watch" link at the bottom of the screen  

  • Wolf Watch Wednesday

    The ESC has set aside Wednesday to encourage students to review their Wolf Watch Degree Audit with a member of the ESC team. The ESC staff is available from 8:00 – 5:00 every Wednesday to help you understand your Wolf Watch and your progress toward graduation. Don't forget that your advisor is always your first contact regarding degree progress, but we are here to assist you in understanding the information presented in your Wolf Watch.

  • Reviewing your Wolf Watch

    Wolf Watch Worksheet: When you first log onto your Wolf Watch, you will see your Wolf Watch Worksheet. Please review this worksheet to ensure that your degree, major, minor, and concentration are accurate. This worksheet will then guide you through registering for classes by informing you of which courses you still need to take. Classes you have satisfactorily completed will have a green box with a checkmark, classes in progress will be in blue with a blue box and a ~ sign, and classes required or other requirements will be indicated by an open red box and red highlighting.

    Wolf Watch What If: Use the "What If" section when you are considering changing your major or minor. This feature allows you to see what degree requirements will be met and will still be remaining if you change your major. Please note that due to changes in requirements, we recommend you speak with an advisor to ensure all accuracy of the "What If" feature in Wolf Watch.

    Wolf Watch Look Ahead: Use the "Look Ahead" section to enter the courses you wish to take and find out what requirements, if any, the courses will fulfill. By entering all the courses you plan to take, you can determine if you will have any unmet requirements and plan ahead for graduation.

    Wolf Watch GPA Calculators: There are three GPA calculators available in Wolf Watch.

    Graduation Calculator: This calculator will insert your current GPA automatically. You can then enter the amount of hours you have remaining & required and your desired GPA. Click "calculate" and information regarding what your average GPA will need to be for the hours you have remaining.

    Term Calculator: The term calculator enters your current courses automatically. You simply need to pick the grade you expect to earn and click "calculate." Wolf Watch will then give you the GPA you can expect at the end of the term.

    Advice Calculator: The advice calculator will insert your current GPA and earned hours automatically. You will simply insert your desired GPA and Wolf Watch will tell you how many hours with an A average or how many hours with a B average you will need to complete to earn your desired GPA.

  • Additional Wolf Watch Tools

    Check out the

    Wolf Watch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

    Wolf Watch Tutorials are also available to help students receive an overview of Wolf Watch, understand the “What If” feature, and understand the “Look Ahead” feature.

  • Wolf Watch Training

    The Enrollment Services Center along with the Office of the Registrar provides Wolf Watch training to UWG 1101 classes, advisors, student organizations, and departments.

    To request a Wolf Watch training session for your class, organization, or department, please click here to access the Wolf Watch Presentation Request Form.