The UWG Health Services and the Health Education Department are excited to offer students and other members of the UWG community the opportunity to experience, an online educational program. Your experience on this site is aimed at helping you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It is interactive and contains helpful information pertaining to Alcohol, Responsible Sexuality, Violence, Stress, Drugs/Tobacco, etc...

In order for a student to begin using MyStudentBody, you will need to register by setting up a username and password.

Your username is your school e-mail address and your password is individualized. 

You will also need to enter our UWG school access code:  wolfhealth

You may begin by clicking

Please note that all student data collected during the initial registration process and self-assessments is kept confidential.

If faculty, parents, or others are interested in accessing MyStudentBody, contact Ron King at for more information.