Safe Zone Training is an educational workshop to help members of the UWG community learn more about LGBTQ+ individuals and how to support them through allyship.

  • About Safe Zone

    About Safe Zone

    Safe Zone has been educating the UWG community in several formats since 2004. In its current iteration, Safe Zone is a multi-level training program about LGBTQ+ identities. The introductory workshop is a three-hour training to understand the basics about gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation. The 2.0 workshop is an expansive look at the history and background of LGBTQ+ culture and communities. Trans 101 is a third workshop that explores trans identities, experiences, and needs, and the ways in which we can best support trans individuals and community. Participants must complete the introductory course to enroll in 2.0 or Trans 101, and will receive updates including available dates via email.

  • Upcoming Trainings

    Upcoming Trainings

    Faculty & Staff

    The Intro to Safe Zone Training is available to faculty, staff, and graduate students on the following dates:

    August 22, 9AM- 12N
    September 5, 1PM- 4PM
    September 19, 9AM- 12N
    October 3, 1PM- 4PM
    October 17, 9AM- 12N
    October 31, 1PM- 4PM
    November 14, 9AM- 12N

    These sessions are 3 hours long and limited to 15 participants. To register, log in to DevelopWest and choose your session.
    This workshop is a prerequisite to the 2.0 and Trans 101 workshops, which will be introduced throughout the academic year.


    Undergraduate students interested in participating in Safe Zone may participate in Leadership To Go's Safe Zone series. These 30 minute sessions are offered in a four part series. Participants must attend every session to complete the series. The following dates will be at 6 PM in the Campus Center Ballroom:

    September 25
    October 2
    October 9
    October 16

    For more information, please contact the Center for Student Involvement.

  • Safe Zone Allies

    Safe Zone Allies

    The following are UWG faculty and staff who have participated in Safe Zone Training and are committed to being allies to th LGBTQ+ community. 

    • Academic Affairs

      Academic Affairs

      Center for Teaching and Learning

      Rod McRae

      Education Abroad

      Jessica Renard

      Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

      Amanda Thomas

    • Business and Finance

      Business and Finance

      Auxiliary Enterprises

      Jennifer McNiel

      University Communications & Marketing

      Steven Broome

      Human Resources

      Dixie Curley
      Terri Bussey

      Pub & Print

      Brooke Keener

      Townsend Center

      Misty Parham
      Renet Jones

      University Police Department

      Michael Keener

    • College of Arts & Humanities

      College of Arts & Humanities

      Dean's Office

      Laura Smith
      Pauline Gagnon
      Arielle Vaughan

      English & Philosophy

      Debra MacComb
      Kelley M. Frank
      Matt Franks
      Amy Ellison
      Leah Haught
      Duane Theobald
      Josh Sewell
      Lisa Crafton
      Melissa Jackson
      Amanda Shoemake
      Brittney Beth Drummond
      Angela Insenga
      Jade Kierbow Loicano
      Laura Beasley
      Meg Pearson
      Margaret Mitchell

      Foreign Languages

      Anca Koczkas
      Felix Tweraser
      Ana Zapata-Calle
      Eli Z. Solis
      Yvonne Fuentes


      Candice Larson
      Stephanie M Chalifoux
      Kristen Griffin


      Molly M. Breckling
      Elizabeth Kramer


      Rosemary Kellison
      Janet Donohoe


      Jenni McCarthy

    • College of Education

      College of Education

      Graduate Studies

      Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott

      Communication Sciences & Professional Counseling

      Matt Varga
      Julia Whisenhunt
      Aleah Brock
      Dena R. Kniess

      Early Childhood through Secondary Education

      Jennifer Edelman
      Lisa McCormick

      Educational Technology and Foundations

      Dawn Putney
      Adriana D'Alba
      Linda Haynes
      Melissa Wynn
      Colleen Kelly

      Leadership, Research, and School Improvement

      Barbara Kawulich
      Mary Hooper

      Literacy and Special Education

      Morris Council III
      Tamra Ogletree

      Sport Management, Wellness, and Physical Education

      Bridgette Stewart

    • College of Science and Math

      College of Science and Math


      Andrew Edelman
      Anita Zot


      Dusty Otwell
      Doug Stuart

      Computer Science

      Anja Remshagen


      Carrie Carmack


      Julie Talbot

    • College of Social Science

      College of Social Science


      Lynn Pazzani
      Mai Naito
      Ericka Wentz

      Dean's Office

      Melanie McLean

      Political Science

      Brenda McCrary
      Kathie Barrett


      Emily McKendry-Smith

    • Extended Learning

      Extended Learning

      Distance Education

      Vicki J. Griffin
      BethRene' Roepnack
      Meggie Miller


      Katie Taylor
      Mia Bennafield
      Katie Shoemake
      Stephanie Hollenbeck
      Marla Wilks

      UWG Newnan

      Brittany Cook
      Jessica Belcher
      Jennifer Stewart
      Rebecca L. Smith
      Julili Fowler

    • Graduate School

      Graduate School

      Toby Ziglar
      Alice Wesley 

    • Honors College

      Honors College

      Kate Theobald
      Stacey Rowland 

    • Library


      Sarah Gourley
      Angela Pashia
      Angela M. Mehaffey
      Margot Davis
      Andrea Baer
      Craig Schroer
      Blynne Olivieri
      Andrea Stanfield
      Billy Willey
      Jennifer Sutton
      Kimberly Britt
      Lori Dixon-Leach
      Shanee 'Yvette Murrain
      Jessica Critten
      Jean Cook
      Hannah Givens
      Ashley M. Carroll-McCarley 

    • President's Division

      President's Division

      Center for Diversity and Inclusion

      Michael Hester
      Nancy Watkins
      Yves-Rose Porcena
      Doris R. Kieh
      Lo Denmon

    • Richards College of Business

      Richards College of Business

      Dean's Office

      Nancy Lott
      Kasey Hannah
      Erin T. Campbell


      Philip Reaves
      Mariana Sanchez
      Susana Velez-Castrillón

      Marketing and Real Estate

      Simone Lee

      Small Business Development Center

      Jane Smith

    • Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

      Student Affairs & Enrollment Management


      Nicole Wolfe
      Katie Ross
      Logan Taulien
      Sean Jepson

      Advising Center

      Jessica Dunham
      Beth Freeman
      Charmaine Holliway
      Chelsea Duncan
      Kayla Whitter
      Samuel Horsley
      Joy Ginther
      Jermale Jenkins
      Keri Allen
      Rose C. Payne
      John Brittian
      Tamija Tucker


      Danny Gourley
      Rachel Fischer
      Tim McGowan

      Career Services

      Vicki G. Hardin
      Iteeah Pounds
      Megan Tait
      Kevin Robinson
      Lauren Johnson

      Center for Academic Success

      Stormy Sims
      Carrie Ziglar

      Counseling Center

      Terri Ducker
      Bill Tidwell
      Joe Etheredge
      Kris Reyes
      Lisa Adams Somerlot
      Maritza Pitelli
      Maggie Tennant

      Center for Student Involvement

      Tina Skinner
      Emily Teitelbaum
      Chris Geiger
      Cait Williams
      Raven Johnson

      Enrollment Services Center

      Clint Backstrom
      Alexis Stinson
      Debra Bergquist
      Donna Bennett
      Gerri Marroquin
      Jennifer Jordan
      Harriett Holley

      Financial Aid

      Ashley Gresham

      Health Services

      Corey Hindman
      Jill Hendricks
      Kay Farr
      Leah Cannon
      Christy Merrill
      Ron King
      Mary Beth Thompson

      Housing and Residence Life

      Linda Mazzola

      New Student Programs

      Xochil Ramirez
      Melissa Grosso
      April Wood
      Ryan Ledbetter

      Office of Community Standards

      Darius Thomas


      Melissa Frederick
      Hope Trimble


      Alyssa O'Keefe
      Manica Pierrette
      Kris Kelleher

    • School of Nursing

      School of Nursing

      Lisa Robinson
      Jenny Schuessler
      Mary Bishop
      Amy Farmer
      LaDonia Patterson 

  • Safe Zone FAQ

    Safe Zone FAQ

    Do I have to go through Safe Zone if I participated in it at another institution?

    Not necessarily! If you have attended or facilitated Safe Zone training somewhere else and are not sure whether to take the training again, contact Lo Denmon.

    What are the rainbow wolf pins?

    The rainbow wolf pin indicates that the individual wearer has participated in UWG's Safe Zone program and has committed to being an ally to the LGBTQ community on campus and in their everyday life.

    How do I get one?

    Wolf Pins are available to faculty and professional staff who have completed, at minimum, the introductory level and two follow up workshops of Safe Zone.

    What is the Green Zone?

    Green Zone is a training program similar to Safe Zone, focused on the experiences of veterans. This training is offered through the Center for Adult Learners and Veterans.