Below is a list of restriction messages that may be encountered while registering on Banweb. This list includes what they mean and what action you should take to resolve the conflict.

*Note: All overrides are subject to the approval of the instructor or department.

  • Error: Class Restriction
    Error: Class Restriction

    This course is restricted for certain class levels only and your class (FR, SO, JR, SR, GR) prevents registration.

    To resolve

    Request a class override from the instructor.

  • Error: Closed Section
    Error: Closed Section

    The maximum number of seats has been reached for this course.

    To resolve

    Request a seats override from the instructor.

  • Error: College Restriction
    Error: College Restriction

    Only a declared major of the particular college may register for this course.

    To resolve

    Request a college restriction override from the department.

  • Error: Corq ___ Req
    Error: Corq ___ Req

    This course has a co-requisite course that is required to register for.

    To resolve

    Register for both courses.

  • Error: Depart. Approval Required
    Error: Depart. Approval Required

    This course requires departmental approval.

    To resolve

    Contact the department for approval.

  • Error: Invalid CRN
    Error: Invalid CRN

    This course has the same course number as a course already on your schedule.

    To resolve

    Contact the instructor for a duplicate course override or contact the Registrar’s Office.

  • Error: Level Restriction
    Error: Level Restriction

    Undergraduate students cannot register for graduate level courses.

    To resolve

    Contact the department.

  • Error: Major Restriction
    Error: Major Restriction

    Only students with selected majors may register for this course.

    To resolve

    Contact the Department Chair to request an override.

  • Error: Maximum Hours Exceeded
    Error: Maximum Hours Exceeded

    This error means that you have reached the maximum amount of credit hours (Undergraduates = 18; Graduates = 12).

    To resolve

    Undergraduates: Contact the department for a course overload permission form that must be approved by the Dean of the college of your major. Graduates: Contact the Director of your graduate program and the Director of Graduate Studies for your college to obtain course overload permission.

  • Error: Preq and Test Score Error
    Error: Preq and Test Score Error

    This course has a pre-requisite which you have not met.

    To resolve

    Contact the Department offering the course for Pre-req override.

  • Error: Time Conflict with 10670
    Error: Time Conflict with 10670

    This course has a time conflict with a course already on your schedule.

    To resolve

    Choose a different course to prevent this error or contact both professors of the courses for a time conflict override.

  • Error: Instructor Approval
    Error: Instructor Approval

    This course requires the instructor’s approval in order to be registered.

    To resolve

    Contact the instructor to be granted permission to register for this course.

  • Error: Honors
    Error: Honors

    This course is an honors course and is for honor students only.

    To resolve

    Contact the Honors College.

  • Error: Degree Restriction
    Error: Degree Restriction

    This course is designated for a particular degree or to exclude particular degrees.

    To resolve

    Request an override from the department.