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  • Applying for Graduation

    If you are an Undergraduate student receiving a Bachelor’s degree, click here for more information.


    If you are a Graduate student receiving a Masters, Specialist, or Doctorate degree, click here for more information.

    If you are a Graduate student receiving a Certificateclick here for more information.

  • Announcements

    Jostens is an UWG approved vendor for graduation announcements. Students may place orders for personalized announcements online by accessing the UWG Jostens' website. The number of announcements ordered is a personal preference, but please note that the seating tickets are limited. See the Tickets section for more information.

    Publications and Printing

    Your On-Campus Copy Center, also offers commencement announcements and UWG thank-you note cards. For information and prices, you are invited to visit:

    PRE-ORDER Commencement Flowers for July 26th, 2018

    Congratulations! Having a family member graduate from UWG is exciting! We know gathering everyone together to attend the event can be hectic. Let us help check one thing off your to-do list. Pre-order your graduation bouquets and we will have them ready at the entrance for you to pick up.

  • Attire

    Appropriate dress for graduation includes dark shoes for men and women. Men should wear dark pants and a tie. Low-heeled and comfortable shoes are recommended for men and women. It is important that students do not bring handbags or personal items because there is no secure holding area.

    Caps and gowns can be purchased at the UWG University Bookstore and should be done in advance. Students' tassel colors will vary based on the college of their major.

    College colors to be worn by undergraduates and graduates are:

    College of Arts and Humanities – White
    Richards College of BusinessDrab
    College of Education – Light Blue
    Tanner Health System School of NursingApricot
    College of Science and Mathematics – Yellow Gold
    College of Social Sciences – Citron
    Doctoral Candidates - Gold Metallic

  • Ceremony Details
    Ceremony Details

    Ceremony Details Summer 2018:

    Date: Thursday, July 26th, 2018

    Time: 11:00 A.M.

    Location: UWG Coliseum

    Number of Tickets Per Graduating Student:   7

    Due to Fire Marshal regulations, all guests attending a ceremony must have a ticket to enter the Coliseum during graduation. This includes non-marching UWG students, children of any age regardless of if they need their own seat or not, and all other individuals not marching or working as ceremony staff and faculty. The number of tickets allotted are based on how many students are marching each term and the maximum capacity of individuals allowed by the Coliseum to be gathered during special events. For other questions concerning rules and regulations, please consult the Coliseum Policies.

    If you have additional tickets that you will not be using for this ceremony, please drop those off at the Bookstore prior to Commencement or a guest may drop them off at Will Call on the day of the event. 

    If additional tickets are available, they can be picked up at Will Call 1.5 hrs before the ceremony on a first come first serve basis. Doors will open 1 hr prior to the start of the ceremony. Please note that tickets only for that ceremony will be available for pick up at that time. (example- you will not be able to pick up afternoon ceremony tickets before the morning ceremony)

    *An overflow room will also be available to view each commencement ceremony.
    Location: Tanner Health System School of Nursing Building Room 106

    Attire: Appropriate dress for graduation includes dark shoes for men and women. Men should wear dark pants and a tie. Low-heeled and comfortable shoes are recommended for men and women. It is important that students DO NOT bring HANDBAGS or other personal items because there is NO SECURE holding area.

    *It is important to report promptly at the time instructed. It may not be possible to include late-arriving candidates in the procession*.

     You can find detailed ceremony instructions listed in the following document:

     Ceremony Information

    Live video on the day of graduation and archives of previous ceremonies are available at:

    Policies may be viewed at this web site: The Coliseum

  • Degree Audits
    Degree Audits (Undergraduates)

    Undergraduate students should view their Wolf Watch degree audit online. To view audit:

    1. Log on to the myUWG portal
    2. Go to BanWeb tab
    3. Go to Wolf Watch link
    4. Student information will automatically populate
    5. For more information about Wolf Watch, please visit the Wolf Watch  section of our webpage.

    *Undergraduate students who attended UWG before Fall 1998 will not be in Wolf Watch due to the change in quarter hours to semester hours. To determine undergraduate quarter hour equivalencies, please view our Undergraduate Equivalency Chart.  To determine how quarter hours convert to semester hours, multiply by two the number of quarter hours and then divide by three.

  • Diploma Information
    Congratulations Spring 2018 Graduates!

    Click the following Excel link Spring_2018_Undergraduate_Degrees_Awarded_05222018 (87.4K) for undergraduate list of degrees awarded May-10-2018

    Click the following Excel link Spring_2018_Graduate_Awarded_05222018.xlsx (44.5K) for graduate list of degrees awarded May-10-2018

    Diploma Pick-Up/Mail Information

    Diplomas are generally available to be picked up or mailed 6-8 weeks after the commencement ceremony.  Email notifications will be sent to your myUWG email account when the time comes.

    We strongly encourage you to pick up your diploma to avoid the possibility of damage through the mail. The diplomas that are not picked up will be mailed to the address that you specified on your graduation application.

    If you are unable to pick up your diploma, you have the option of having a third party pick it up for you. You must send a third-party authorization email to from your myuwg email account identifying the individual authorized to receive your diploma. That person must bring their photo ID for proper identification. Diplomas will not be released without written authorization and proper ID.

    Diploma Replacement Information

    Please know that if changes are requested after the diploma order is placed, a Diploma Replacement Form and fee must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

    Name on Your Diploma

    The name on your diploma will be the same as it appears on your official transcript; please check your transcript in Banweb.  If you need to make changes to your name, then please complete a name change application, and return to the Enrollment Services Center. 

    Variations of a candidate’s official name may be printed on a diploma. Variations of a name must be requested when submitting a Graduation Application. Acceptable variations are listed below:

    • Middle names may be complete, initialed, or omitted, but must match the student record.  (e.g., John Quincy Adams, John Q. Adams, or John Adams).
    • Suffixes such as Sr., Jr., III, etc., may be used
    • Hyphenated maiden-married last names may be used, provided the candidate’s record has documentation to verify the names. A Name Change Form accompanied by a Certificate of Marriage will be required if a name change has not been processed since the marriage. In all cases, verification will be based on information that is in the candidate’s record and not provided verbally.
    • Special accent marks may be requested and recognized linguistic marks will be placed on the diploma, if possible.  Please email with your request.

    The following variations are not acceptable:

    • No nicknames or names enclosed by parenthesis or quotation marks will be included as the diploma name.
    • No prefix or suffix relating to a title or credential is allowed (e.g., Dr., DMD, Esq., Mrs., Mr., etc.).
  • Final Grades
    Final Grades

    Grades are required for all classes taken and will be recorded on the academic transcript. This includes courses not necessarily applied to a degree. A candidate will not be certified to graduate with incomplete grades.

    After the Registrar's Office receives final grades from faculty, a final audit of the student's academic record will be completed and diplomas will be ordered and issued to eligible graduates as soon as possible.   For students completing transient work at an alternate university during their final semester, official transcripts must be received by the grade submission deadline for the current term.  If transcripts are received after this date, degrees will not be awarded until the following semester.

  • Guests with Disabilities
    Guests with Disabilities

    ADA accessible parking spaces at the coliseum are limited and parking reservations are not available. Guests with disabilities are encouraged to arrive at the Coliseum at least 1 1/2 hours prior to the ceremony. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to, ADA accessible parking, special seating, sign language interpreting, Braille or large print programs. Go to  Graduation Accommodations or contact the  Coliseum at 678-839-5105 for additional information.

    Additional ADA accessible parking is located in Lot 18C (Lower Level Z6 Lot)

    Interactive & Printable Campus Maps are located on the Maps and Directions page.

  • Honors (Undergraduates)
    Honors (Undergraduates)

    The University of West Georgia awards baccalaureate degrees with honors to those undergraduates which have a minimum GPA of 3.50 on all courses attempted. For students who repeat courses for grade replacement, both courses will be calculated into the honors GPA. Those candidates who have transferred from other institutions will qualify for honors if they attain an honors grade-point average on all work attempted at UWG and combined total of all courses attempted at UWG and other institutions. Baccalaureate degrees are awarded with honors based on the following grade point average range for all courses attempted:

    3.50 - 3.79 GPA - honors (cum laude)
    3.80 - 3.89 GPA - high honors (magna cum laude)
    3.90 - 4.00 GPA - highest honors (summa cum laude)

    Because grades are not official until after the commencement ceremony, the initial honors designation is based on the student's honors GPA at the end of the semester prior to the graduating semester. Students who have not met the GPA requirements to be designated as an honors recipient at the time of commencement will not be allowed to walk as an honors recipient or to purchase honors cords from the University Bookstore. Official honors designation will be determined after the commencement ceremony when term grades are official and the honors GPA is recalculated. GPAs are truncated to the second decimal place and will not be rounded (example, a 3.49 will not be rounded to a 3.50).

    Students who graduate with honors will have their honors status (cum laude, etc.) notated on their official academic transcript and their diploma.

    Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog regarding the Honors policy for further clarification.


  • Location

    Graduation ceremonies are held in the UWG Coliseum. The Coliseum is a new 122,500 sq. ft sports and public assembly facility that is located on the backside of the main campus in Carrollton, Georgia (map). Please note that all students and guests should review our Parking and Traffic Instructions prior to arriving on campus for the ceremony. For directions to the Coliseum, click here, and for a listing of area hotels and motels, visit the Carrollton Convention and Visitors Bureau web site.

  • Photographs

    Arrangements have been made with Village Photographers to photograph each graduate as they cross the stage and receive their diploma.  An individual photo will also be taken of each graduate as he or she exits the stage.  There are no fees for this service and no obligation to purchase.   Free proofs of these photos will be sent by mail and e-mail to graduates and their families approximately one week after the ceremony. 

    Graduates  should register here  before arriving on graduation day in order to receive a free proof.  A variety of print packages are available starting at $6.95.   If you have any questions regarding photographs, please email  Since professional photographs will be available, family members and guests are encouraged to remain in their seats, relax and enjoy the ceremony.

  • Tickets

    At each commencement ceremony conducted in the Coliseum, tickets will be provided to each student who applies for graduation and indicates that they will march. The tickets are distributed by the University Bookstore with the cap and gown purchase or by picking them up separately.

    The reception of tickets is not an indication that the student will be graduating.  The number of tickets will differ each semester depending on the number of participating graduates.  This is in compliance with fire marshal occupancy codes.   

    Every guest, including children and infants, will be required to provide a ticket upon entrance.  Extra tickets, if available, may be picked up at the Coliseum beginning 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony. 

    If you have additional tickets that you will not be using for this ceremony, please drop those off at the Bookstore prior to Commencement or a guest may drop them off at Will Call on the day of the event.