If you are an Undergraduate student seeking a Bachelor degree, you will need to follow the below steps in order to apply and prepare for graduation.

Step 1. Submit the Online Undergraduate Application for Graduation* and $40.00 application fee (per degree) by the appropriate deadline:

Undergraduate Graduation Application Deadlines
Spring Graduation - October 1
Summer Graduation - March 1
Fall Graduation - August 1

*To access the Online Graduation Application and Fee Payment, logon to MyUWG, click on the Banweb tab, select the "Student Services & Financial Aid" link, and then, click on the "Graduation Application" option. 

Step 2. Fill out the Alumni Information Form after submitting your graduation application.

Step 3. View your Wolf Watch degree audit to ensure completion of all degree requirements. You will access this through the MyUWG Portal. Students should then make an appointment with their academic advisor. We STRONGLY recommend students review their progress on a regular basis with their advisor. In addition, students should carefully read and fully understand the Graduation Policy Rules prior to applying for graduation.

Step 4. Confirm that course substitution or waiver memos have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office via Wolf Watch.

Step 5.  Click here for the tentative list of potential Fall 2017 undergraduate graduation candidates. This list is not confirmation that those included are meeting all degree requirements.  Final grades have not been submitted for Fall 2017 and student graduation is contingent upon the grades recorded.  The list is a representation of students that have applied for graduation and are possible graduation candidates. For any questions please contact the graduation team at graduation@westga.edu from your myUWG email account. Please remember to include your student ID number.

Step 6. Pay all fees owed to the University. This includes parking tickets, obligations to the library, or any other departmental fees.

Step 7. If graduation plans change or you need to be deferred, please contact us at graduation@westga.edu.   

Step 8. Click here to return to Graduation page to learn about other important details.