Current Listing of Tuition and Fees

Current Listing of Fee Payment Deadlines

  • Payment of Fees and Charges
    Payment of Fees and Charges

    Registration is not complete until all fees and charges are paid in full. Fee payment deadlines for Registration, New Student and Late Registration are listed below.  Fees and charges are due by the posted fee payment deadline or your entire schedule may be dropped.

    Payment of fees and other charges may be made with cash, checks, credit cards, and financial aid (or any combination of these).  Discover, American Express and MasterCard are also accepted for the payment of fees on Banweb only. You may also pay by Webcheck on Banweb.  The cardholder will be charged the merchant fee.  Go to How to Pay Registration Tuition and Fees for information.

  • Deadlines for Fee Payment
    Deadlines for Fee Payment

    Registration fees and charges are due by the posted fee payment deadline.  Payment must be received (not postmarked) in the Bursar’s Office by this deadline date or your classes may be dropped and you will be assessed a late fee.  To view a listing of deadlines and other important dates, visit the Bursar's web page.

    Students who add courses to their schedule, change residence halls and/or meal plans are responsible for all additional fees and charges by the stated deadlines.

  • Printing a copy of your bill on Banweb 
    Printing a copy of your bill on Banweb 

    Login to MyUWG.  Click on the Banweb tab. Click on the "Student Services and Financial Aid" link. Choose "Registration and Fee Payment" and use your browser to print (Click on File and then Print).

  • Payment of fees on Banweb
    Payment of fees on Banweb

    Login to MyUWG.  Click on the Banweb tab. Click on the "Student Services and Financial Aid" link. Choose "Registration and Fee Payment."  Choose to pay fees either by credit card or Webcheck from the menu items.

  • Refund for Courses dropped during Drop/Add
    Refund for Courses dropped during Drop/Add

    If you drop a course during the drop/add period and you are entitled to a refund, please contact the Bursar’s Office in Aycock Hall at (678) 839-4737 to find out when your refund will be disbursed to your HigherOne card. 

  • Refund of Fees and Charges for Complete Withdrawal from the University
    Refund of Fees and Charges for Complete Withdrawal from the University

    Refunds for a Complete Withdrawal (all courses) will be based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total number of calendar days in a semester. Students who withdraw after 60% of the semester has been completed are not entitled to a refund of charges.

    Refund schedules and a copy of the Board of Regents Policy may be obtained from Bursar’s Office or the Enrollment Services Center.

  • For Financial Aid Recipients
    For Financial Aid Recipients

    In order to meet Federal Regulations all refunds will be credited back to Federal Title IV programs, State programs, Private and Institutional programs in the following order: Direct Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Direct Plus Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, other Title IV assistance, State Programs, and Private/Institutional Programs. Any refund remaining after these programs have been satisfied will go to the student. All refunds are issued via HigherOne.

  • Financial Aid Freeze Dates
    Financial Aid Freeze Dates

    In accordance with federal regulations, UWG establishes a “freeze date” each semester to determine a student’s enrollment status for disbursing federal financial aid.  Financial aid will only pay for courses that are required your major and are added before the freeze date.  Hours will be frozen at the end of the drop/add period.  Students must be registered for all parts of term before the freeze date to receive federal aid for that class. Federal aid will not be available for classes added after hours have been frozen.  If you are not registered for a minimum of 6 hours (5 for graduate students) when hours are frozen, you will not be eligible for your student loan and you will not have an opportunity to add a class in order to be eligible.

  • HigherOne Card
    HigherOne Card

    Visit the UWG HigherOne Card site at for more information on how UWG disburses all refunds.

  • Bookstore Credit
    Bookstore Credit

    For more information on how to use some of your financial aid refund at the University bookstore visit

  • Freshmen

    Freshmen required to live on campus must purchase the Unlimited or Wolves Membership plan.  Charges for mandatory freshman meal plans will be carried over from fall to spring.  Other students wishing to purchase a meal plan must go by the Auxiliary Enterprise Office before or during Registration or login to Banweb and click on Student Services to add a meal plan.  Changes or cancellations of meal plans are permissible only during the Drop/Add period.  Refunds are made to students withdrawing from the university based on a schedule in the Auxiliary Enterprise Office located in the University Community Center.

    Balances left in debit accounts at the end of Spring Semester will be forfeited if not attending Summer.  Contact Auxiliary Enterprises for more information regarding meal plans (678) 839-6525.

  • Restriction of Services to Student (USG BOR Policy)
    Restriction of Services to Student (USG BOR Policy)

    All students having student accounts with a balance older than ninety (90) days must have services withheld until the balance is paid. The restriction of services will prevent the student from having access to transcripts, registering for additional classes, or graduating until the receivable is paid.  This may be considered a “hold” on the student’s records.

  • Failure to Pay All Financial Obligations
    Failure to Pay All Financial Obligations

    Students who fail to satisfy financial obligations will be referred to an outside collection agency and will be responsible for any additional charges, not to exceed 33.3%, associated with the collection of an unpaid debt.

  • Short Term Loans
    Short Term Loans

    For more information on Short Term loans and document deadlines, please visit the Bursar's Office web page.

  • Perkins Loan Award Recipients
    Perkins Loan Award Recipients

    You must sign your Promissory Note in Aycock Hall, no later than the posted deadline to avoid cancellation of your classes. The note must be signed once for each award year. If you have already signed for the academic year, it is not necessary to sign again.

  • Financial Aid Balance Monies
    Financial Aid Balance Monies

    Funds will be available no later than the posted deadline via Higher One if all requirements have been met with the Financial Aid Office.

  • Parking Permits and Fines
    Parking Permits and Fines

    Students who bring a motor vehicle onto campus are required to obtain a parking permit from Parking Services. Since students are assessed a transportation fee each semester, there is no charge for a parking permit.  Permits may be obtained by going to Parking Services located in Row Hall.  The office is open from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  To register a vehicle the owner must have the following information:
    Make, Model, Color, Vehicle Type, Year, Tag Number & State Vehicle is Registered In.

    Students who do not register their vehicle are subject to having them ticketed and/or towed.  The UWG parking code can be found online at:   A student will not be allowed to register for classes unless all parking fines have been paid.

  • Returned Check Policy
    Returned Check Policy

    If a payment given by a student is not paid on presentation to the bank on which it is drawn, a service charge of $25 or 5% of the amount of the payment, whichever is greater, will be assessed.  When one fee check has been returned by a bank without payment, the student’s check payment and cashing privileges will be suspended until the end of the current academic year.  If a check is returned by a bank for nonpayment of fees, the student is subject to cancellation of his/her class schedule and payment of a $75 late fee in addition to the returned check charges outlined above.  Students will be responsible for any additional charges necessary for the collection of past due tuition and fees.

  • Death of a Student
    Death of a Student

    A refund of all matriculation fees and other required fees shall be made in the event of the death of a student at any time during the semester.

  • Military Called to Active Duty
    Military Called to Active Duty

    A full refund of tuition and mandatory fees and pro rata refunds of elective fees shall be made to all students who are military reservists (including members of the National Guard) who receive emergency orders to active duty, and active duty military personnel who receive emergency reassignment.