• Holds/Fines

    Students must clear all holds and pay all fees before registering. Public Safety, the Library, the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid and other administrative offices can place registration holds.

    How to check to see if you have holds:
    1. Log onto MyUWG by entering your username and password
    2. Click on "Banweb" tab from list across the top of page 
    3. Click on "Student Services and Financial Aid" 
    4. Click on "Student Records" 
    5. Click on "View Holds"

    After Registering

    Print out a copy of your schedule and bill. You are responsible for checking the accuracy of both.  Fees must be paid by the Fee Payment Deadline or your classes will be dropped and you may be assessed additional fees. This includes any remaining portion of your bill not covered by grants, loans or scholarships.

  • Printing Your Class Schedule

    To print or view your class schedule follow these steps:
    1. Log onto MyUWG by entering your username and password
    2. Click on "Banweb" tab from list across the top of page
    3. Click on "Student Services and Financial Aid"
    4. Click on "Registration and Fee Payment"
    5. Click on "Student Detail Schedule"

  • Overloads

    Undergraduates obtain overload permission from the Dean of the College/School of their major, and academy students obtain permission from Dr. Michael Hester.  Although a typical course load is 15 semester credit hours, a student may register for 18 semester credit hours without special permission (see summer exceptions below). A student on the Dean's List may register for 20 hours without special permission. Students within 30 credit hours of graduation with a cumulative average of 2.0 may carry up to the maximum of 21 credit hours for two semesters without special permission. A student who is required to enroll in Regents' Test remediation may not carry more than 18 credit hours. During the semester of student teaching, students may take one additional course. Students are advised not to take more than 10 credit hours if they work full time. Special permission must be obtained from the appropriate academic dean before any student may exceed loads authorized above. Academic deans may approve course loads of up to 25 semester credit hours in justifiable circumstances.

    Due to varying session lengths for summer semester, the following schedule presents the maximum hours that can be taken by a student without special permission given by his or her dean. The total number of hours for the entire summer semester cannot exceed 18 hours without prior permission.

    Session  Hours 
    Session I 
    Session II  18 
    Session III or IV  9 (per session) 
    Session II in combination with III and/or IV      18 
    • Session 

    • Session I 

    • Session II 

    • Session III or IV 
      9 (per session) 

    • Session II in combination with III and/or IV     


    Graduates who do not hold an assistantship (GTA, GRA, GA) may register for 12 credit hours without permission. Graduate students who want to take an overload, defined as more than 12 credit hours, must obtain permission from the Director of their graduate program and from the Director of Graduate Studies for their college or school. (Some programs may require additional levels of approval.)

    Expectations for the maximum course load apply to graduate students who take a mix of graduate and undergraduate courses in one semester, as well. Although some graduate degree and non-degree programs require graduate students to take undergraduate courses, students are considered graduate students.

  • Internships/Practicums

    The following departments offer internships and/or practicum to interested students: English, History, Mass Communications, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology. Contact the department for details.

  • Independent Studies/Research

    Some departments offer independent study/research projects for interested students. Contact the department for details.

  • Variable Credit Hour Classes

    Banweb will automatically register you for the highest possible number of credit  hours  for courses which have a credit hour range.  To change your credit hours, click on Change Class Options.  Enter credit hours in whole numbers only. After changing credit hours for a course(s), you must click on View Fee Assessment or your fees will not be correct.  You must view your fees before exiting Banweb.

  • Administratively Dropped Courses

    Administratively dropped courses are courses which were dropped from your schedule, but not by using Banweb.  Rather, these are courses that were dropped from your schedule by faculty or an administrative office. On the Banweb drop/add screen,  these courses will display with zero credit hours and the date dropped.  To find out more information or if you wish to re-add such a course,  you must contact the Enrollment Services Center at enroll@westga.edu.

  • Deciding Not to Attend Prior to the Start of the Semester

    If you decide not to attend UWG prior to the start of the semester for which you have registered, you must drop all courses via BanWeb or come to the Enrollment Services Center in Parker Hall. You must also contact Financial Aid, Housing and Residence Life, Health Services and Auxiliary Services to be sure your accounts are cleared. Contact the Bursar’s Office (678-839-4737) to determine if a refund is due and when it will be processed. Financial Aid Recipients who decide not to attend and have financial aid which covers their entire bill, will be obligated to repay the financial aid award if they do not officially withdraw from the university.

  • Deciding Not to Attend After the Start of the Semester

    If you decide not to attend UWG after the start of the semester which you have registered, see "How to Withdraw From All Courses".