• My courses are not falling into the correct areas. Why is this problem happening and how can it be resolved?

    Wolf Watch uses a priority system for assembling courses into areas. Although courses may initially fall into an area, as students register each semester, they should fall into the correct areas. Once students have registered for their last term, all classes should fall into the correct areas. If you have registered for your last term and your degree audit needs adjustments, you should meet with your academic advisor, as they will be able to begin the substitution/adjustment process by submitting a petition on Wolf Watch.

  • I took another course instead of the required course. My advisor told me it could substitute for the required class.

    If you have a substitution which needs to be made, talk to your advisor about this and they may be able to begin the substitution process by submitting a petition on Wolf Watch.

  • Are there any classes which will not count toward my graduation requirements?

    For all Arts and Sciences majors, no PWLA courses will apply toward graduation requirements. This means they cannot be applied as electives or in any area of your degree. These will appear at the bottom of your worksheet, under the “Not Counted” heading.A maximum of 6 credit hours total of military science, debate practicum (COMM 1115) and applied music/ensemble courses (for non-music majors and minors) can be applied toward a degree.

  • I have not declared my major, but my progression bar shows that I am already finished with 75% of my degree. Does this mean I only have 25% of my degree to complete?

    No. For undeclared students, the degree progression bar will be based only on the first two years of coursework.

    *Note—the degree progression bar is only an estimation of your progress toward degree completion.

  • My major and/ or minor is not correct on Wolf Watch. How can I update this?

    If you have not already, you must declare your major/ minor with the appropriate department. If you have already declared and the information is still incorrect, please contact the Registrar’s Office atregistrar@westgedu.

  • What do Potential Electives mean?

    These are courses that are counted toward total hours, but are not needed to fulfill specific core or major requirements. If your major requires a certain number of hours of academic electives, these are the courses which will fulfill this requirement.

  • Why does Wolf Watch list courses I have taken that cannot be applied to my degree?

    Some students may have courses at the bottom of their degree audit with the heading “Cannot be Applied to Degree”. These are courses which will not count in any area of the degree and can include grades of F (fail) or W (withdraw), remedial courses or transfer credits which do not apply at UWG.

  • I want to change my major. How can I view the way that my degree audit would change if I did change my major?

    You can use the “what-if” tab to do an audit using criteria you select. Students can choose a degree, major, and, if desired, a minor or concentration. You can also enter planned courses. If students decide to change their major, they should visit the appropriate department for their intended major for information on major change procedures.

  • I am getting two degrees (BA and BS, BBA and BS, etc), however only one appears on the worksheet. How can I check the requirements for my other program of study?

    For students pursuing two different degrees, the degree audits must be accessed separately. Look at the degree information to the right of the name at the top of the screen. The degree box has a drop-down arrow, and you will use this to select your second program.

  • I have seen the @ symbol in several places on my worksheet. For example, on my major requirements, one section claims I should take 12 hours of PSYC 3@ or PSYC 4@. What does this mean?

    This is a wild card in Wolf Watch and indicates a variety of courses which can fulfill the are The 12 hours in PSYC 3@ or 4@ means any upper level (3000 or 4000) course can be taken to fulfill the requirement. *CPCs, (College Preparatory Courses), will also have the wildcard sign, as these courses do not represent academic credit and will be placed in courses not used.

  • Wolf Watch will not open when I click the link. What is the problem?

    Wolf Watch opens as a pop-up window, so make sure your pop-up blocker is off or is set to allow Wolf Watch to open.