Below are details about the annual and ongoing programs facilitated by the Responsible Sexuality Committee.

Please note that many of these programs have been suspended, postponed, or cancelled for Fall 2020.

Fall Programs

Let's Talk About Sex

This is not your high school sex ed class! Talk with our panel of experts on sexuality, sexually transmitted infections, consent, healthy relationships, and much more. They will help you bust myths as well as share insights they've learned through their careers. DETAILS ABOUT THIS VIRTUAL EVENT TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Tinder Love & Care

Dating is hard. Learn how to navigate dating in a tinder world, and give yourself some TLC! THIS EVENT MAY BE SUSPENDED FOR FALL 2020.

Hunting Ground Film Screening

A film showcasing how some college have previously mishandled sexual assault cases as shown through the eyes of survivors. The film will be followed by a panel of campus partners to discuss how UWG does better. THIS EVENT MAY BE SUSPENDED FOR FALL 2020.

The Clothesline Project

Decorate white tees to share stories of interpersonal violence or show support for other survivors. Add your own to the display anytime between Monday and Friday. DETAILS ABOUT THIS VIRTUAL EVENT TO BE ANNOUNCED.

World AIDS Day

Visit our visual display representing new HIV diagnoses in Georgia since 2016 and speak with a health educator about your own risk factors and prevention. DETAILS ABOUT THIS EVENT TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Spring Programs

Vagina Monologues

Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues are brought to life by UWG's theater department, in this dramatization of what it means to be a woman. THIS EVENT MAY BE SUSPENDED FOR SPRING 2021.

Episodes in Sexuality

The UWG Theatre Company and the Responsible Sexuality Committee bring this original production to our students for the 29th year. Produced in a different iteration each year, Episodes in Sexuality is a company devised work focusing on issues of sexuality experienced by college students. Episodes combines humor and pathos to bring the students of UWG something everyone can relate to. Contains strong language and explicit material.

For more information or to get tickets visit the Townsend Center Box OfficeTHIS EVENT MAY TAKE PLACE VIRTUALLY.

Take Back the Night

The Responsible Sexuality Committee partners with Health Services, the Counseling Center, and other campus partners to combat sexual violence on our campus and in our communities. Beginning with a poster-making session in the Campus Center, this event marches across campus to the Oaks Amphitheater, where campus and community experts speak about prevention of sexual violence in the UWG community. This event takes place annual during Health & Safety Week, just before Spring Break. THIS EVENT MAY TAKE PLACE VIRTUALLY.

Ongoing Workshops

Safe Zone Training

Safe Zone training is an ongoing workshop series to educate about LGBTQ+ identities. These trainings are offered regularly to faculty and staff. Individual campus departments may request specialized trainings. Some training opportunities are also available for students. For more information visit the Safe Zone Training page, or contact Lo Denmon, RXCom's Co-Chair and Safe Zone Coordinator.