The eCore program allows students to take online core curriculum classes instead of or in addition to the traditional classes taught on campus.

While the eCore students do not appear in a classroom for a specified time period but instead fulfill their course obligations from a computer to which they have access, they are REQUIRED to take at least one but often two proctored exams.  These exams must be administered at an approved testing site according to the time frame for testing provided by the eCore Center at the University of West Georgia.

The Testing Office at UWG is an approved eCore testing site and will administer eCore midterms and finals for those examinees wishing to test here.  The steps to schedule an eCore exam are simple:

  1. At the beginning of the semester, identify whether your eCore class has a proctored midterm, a proctored final, or both. This information should be on your course syllabus. Be sure to note the deadlines established for making your testing appointments. Also, be aware of the session in which you are enrolled; some eCore courses are taught as full session classes and others as short session classes.
  2. The eCore Online Exam Request Form will identify the various sessions (full or short), the courses with a proctored midterm or final, and the instructors’ names, courses, and section numbers. Be sure to choose the correct session, instructor, course, and section number.
  3. The University of West Georgia does allow for eCore testing on both the main Carrollton Campus and the Newnan Campus. Be sure to choose the site you prefer. Then, simply complete the Online Exam Request Form located on eCore’s website.
  4. Once you have completed the form, print the confirmation as a reminder of where and when you will be testing.
  5. There is a $15 cash fee for each eCore exam that we administer. That fee is paid when you come to take the exam.
  6. If you are testing at the Carrollton Campus during the week, report to the UWG Testing Office, 110 Strozier Hall, for your testing appointment.  Be on time and have photo ID and the $15 cash testing fee for each exam you are taking. If, however, you have registered to test on a Saturday at the UWG Carrollton Campus, the location will be different; check your confirmation for location details.