We are so excited that you are interested in applying for UWG's 300+ incoming student scholarship opportunities!

To apply for scholarships, a student must be accepted to UWG, and then complete our scholarship application at westga.edu/scholarships. The priority deadline for incoming student scholarships is February 1st.

Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for multiple scholarships?

All incoming freshmen and transfer students who have been accepted will only need to complete one scholarship application through our Scholarship Portal at westga.edu/scholarships. Our portal is a “smart application” system that notifies us of all admissions scholarships a student would be eligible for based on their application questions.

How do I log into the scholarship application?

Once you are accepted, you have access to log into the scholarship application using your myUWG username and password. If you have been logged out of your myUWG account, please contact our ITS desk at servicedesk@westga.edu. 

Is there an interview for my admissions scholarship?

After the February 1st deadline, we will invite students to interview for scholarships at our annual Scholarship Day on campus. Not all scholarships require an interview.

I currently attend UWG, how do I apply for scholarships?

Continuing students can get information on departmental specific scholarships and their deadlines by going to their academic college’s website. A large majority of continuing scholarships are still applied for through our Scholarship Portal

How will I be notified if I receive a scholarship?

Students who are awarded a UWG scholarship will be notified via their personal email address. We will not begin awarding until after the February 1st priority deadline.

When will I receive my scholarship award?

The first round of awarding begins two weeks after Scholarship Day. We will continue to award scholarships in rounds throughout the spring until the June 1st admissions deadline.

What criteria are we looking at for scholarships?

Scholarship eligibility is a combination of GPA, test scores, and interview scores. Certain scholarships also have specific criteria that must be met for that particular scholarship. You can see a short description of each scholarship in our scholarship portal. 

How do I join the Honors College at UWG?

Incoming freshmen, transfer, and continuing students can participate in the Honors College at UWG. Incoming students must meet certain GPA and test score criteria in order to join the Honors College. To find out if you’re eligible and complete your honors application, please click here. For more information, please visit their website: https://www.westga.edu/academics/honors/.

What is the Emerging Leaders Program?

The Emerging Leaders program is a program offered to incoming freshmen that receive the Emerge West Scholarship. For more information on the program, please visit their page https://www.westga.edu/campus-life/csi/emerging-leaders-program.php.