Fall Showcase

Fall Showcase

Be a UWG Wolf for the day at Showcase. Explore campus, meet faculty, and find your place in our Pack. Join us on our Carrollton campus for Fall Showcase on Saturday, October 14, 2023. RSVP below to create your personalized visit experience today!

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Our Showcase is not another campus tour. We’re kicking traditional university visits up a notch. With this experience, you can make your day whatever you want it to be while visiting. Choose a specialty track, explore the beautiful Carrollton campus, and most importantly, have fun and make new friends.

From exciting academic sessions, unique tracks to department showcases and hands-on experiences, we want to give you the opportunity to get an inside look at becoming a Wolf. Experience the UWG Spirit at our family tailgate and football game!



Meet a UWG Tour GuideJakai Yancey

UWG Student

Jakai Yancey

Hello, future Wolves!  As a current student now looking back, I didn’t know what kind of experience adjusting to college would be. I left a “comfortable” atmosphere and found an experience like none other. Stepping onto UWG’s campus for the first time on a daily tour was an out-of-this-world experience. I instantly felt welcomed by the university’s students, faculty, and staff. “Welcome to West Georgia! Thank you for being here,” was the first welcome I heard as an incoming Wolf. As a current student, an orientation leader, a tour guide, and a mentor, “Welcome to West Georgia! Thank you for being here,” are the exact words I say today when I meet a future Wolf.

Go West! Go Wolves!

Jakai Yancey, Tour Guide & Orientation Leader