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See West For Yourself

Visit our beautiful 645 acre campus for walking tour led by a current UWG student. Learn all the important information about UWG.

Register for a Group Tour

Groups of 10 or more are welcome to submit a request for a private group tour led by a current UWG student. Generally, these groups are made up of students or community members on athletic teams, in youth organizations, government offices, and K12 classes.

Please review the information below before submitting your request.

Group Tour Request Form

Register for a Group Tour

Group Tour Options

We offer several different visit packages to meet the needs and interests of a variety of groups. Times and content can be adjusted to meet your needs. We will do our best to be as flexible as we can be. All of our offerings are adjusted to accommodate the age group that you bring.

 Red & Blue Basic Package: 1-2hrs

  • Campus Tour
  • Information Bag (1 per student)
  • Dining on Campus (Optional)

Flame of Knowledge Standard Package: 2-3hrs

  • Campus Tour
  • Information or Activity Session (Based on group age)
  • Information Bag (1 per student)
  • Dining on Campus (Optional)

Go West! Go Wolves! Specialized Package: 3-4hrs

  • Campus Tour
  • Information or Activity Session (Based on group age)
  • Information Bag (1 per student)
  • Special Session (Meeting with academic department, use recreational spaces, facility tour, etc)
  • Dining on Campus (Optional)

Dining Options

We are happy to arrange dining on your behalf. Dine West, our on campus dining services office, provides a variety of different meal options to meet your needs. Please review options and pricing below:

Z6 Dining Hall

  • This dining hall is buffet style, all you can eat, and features a variety of options: from pizza, to burgers, salad bar, homestyle and more! Prices vary based on tax-exempt status and payment type.
  • Tax-Exempt Rate: $8.18/person
    Cash, Card, or Check / Due prior or at point of sale / Lump Sum Only
  • Non Tax-Exempt Rate: $8.75/person
    Cash, Check, Credit Card / Due prior or at point of sale / Lump Sum Only

Catered Meal

  • Dine West is able to provide a catered pizza lunch that includes pizzas, salad, cookies, water, and lemonade. Amounts based on group size.
  • Additionally, you can select catered box lunches that include a half sub, cookie or bag of chips, and bottle of water.
  • Prices available upon request.

Packed Lunches

  • If your group is going to bring lunches, we're more than happy to provide a space to eat lunch on campus - inside or outside.


Tour Tips

Before your tour

  • Ensure that you have fully confirmed your visit with the Group Tour Coordinator and have sent in or are bringing all the necessary materials. (group roster, tax exempt form, paperwork, lunch payment, etc) Plan to bring at least 1 chaperone per 10-15 high school students, or 1 chaperone per 10 elementary or middle school students.
  • When bringing a group of students to campus, challenge them to get the most out of the experience by being prepared, engaged, and attentive. Encourage discussion about the college experience even before your group arrives on campus and have the students come up with questions they want answered on their visit. Challenge your group to interact with the tour leaders during the tour.

On the day of your tour

  • Please arrive on time. Leave your starting point early, allowing time for possible delays. Please contact our Group Tour Coordinator when you are 20 minutes away from campus. Should it appear that your group will not arrive on campus at the expected time, please notify the Group Tour Coordinator, Elizabeth Spenlau, immediately by calling (678) 839-2296 so we can adjust your itinerary accordingly.  If your group is late, agenda items on your scheduled itinerary may be modified or canceled.
  • If the total number of visitors, including students, teachers and chaperones, changes in any way, please contact the Group Tour Coordinator immediately. It is important that we have an accurate count of visitors coming to campus for each group in order to plan and staff for the best possible visit.
  • Teachers/chaperones should stay with their assigned group throughout the campus visit at all times. It is the responsibility of the teachers/chaperones to maintain order while the group is on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, stopping excessive talking and cell phone use. 

Meet the Group Tour Coordinator

My name is Elizabeth Nobles and I cannot wait to work with you to coordinate a meaningful campus visit! Every visit is unique and we try to be as flexible as we can to make the visit as impactful for your group as we can, no matter the age group or time frame. I’d love to work with you and we’d love to have you, so please, feel free to contact me if you have any hesitations or concerns.

Office Phone: 678-839-2296