Does West in Thirty have housing?

At this time, West in Thirty does not have housing on the campuses. We do have multiple campus options in the hopes that one of them will be close to your current address to give you the option to commute from home to save money! Online classes are available at WGTC, as well.

What’s the most popular housing option for students currently in the program?

Most of the students completing this program choose the Carrollton Campus so they can get an off-campus apartment in the area. This way, students can commute to WGTC since they are only about 10 minutes away from UWG’s campus.

Do I have to live on campus when I transfer back?

If you transfer to UWG immediately upon earning your 24 transferable hours, you will be required to live on campus since you are still considered a Freshman, unless you meet 1 or more of Housing’s waiver options. However, if you wait to transfer to UWG until you have 30+ transferable hours, you are not required to live on campus upon transferring.

Can I get a meal plan through UWG?

Students participating in West in Thirty would not get a meal plan through UWG until they transfer back upon completion of the program. With that being said, students doing West in Thirty are more than welcome to visit any of the dining facilities on UWG’s campus without being an officially enrolled student at UWG yet in order to still experience campus life with friends but meal expenses would be paid for on their own.

Why should I participate in West in Thirty?

This invitation only program is the fastest way to qualify for full enrollment at UWG for students who need to bypass any freshman admission requirements. You are offered the chance to begin college classes right away at WGTC so you don’t miss any time and core classes at WGTC are very budget friendly. Through our partnership with WGTC, you’re given access to an advisor that knows how to help students successfully complete the program. Additionally, your initial application fee paid to UWG will also cover both your WGTC application fee and your UWG transfer application fee.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

  • If you have not returned your participation agreement to UWG:
  • If you are in the process of finishing your West in Thirty application with WGTC:
  • If you are enrolled in West in Thirty and have questions on course selection contact your WGTC academic advisor or Erika Mitchell at UWG:

What happens if I submit items that qualify for full admission after signing up for this program?

Even if you’ve elected to participate in the program, but later earn test scores, etc. to qualify for full admission to UWG, we will continue to re-evaluate your application when new information arrives as long as the deadline of your application term has not passed. There is no penalty to filling out the contract as a backup plan and then deciding to attend UWG if you become fully admissible later.

What kind of classes will I take there?

Some students will be required to start with Learning Support courses to be taken alongside college-level classes. With that said, the college-level courses you’ll be recommended to take will be general education/core classes that should be applicable to any major at UWG upon transferring to us.

Will I be a sophomore when I transfer back?

If you transfer to UWG immediately upon earning your 24 transferable hours, you will still be considered a freshman until you reach 30 transferable hours.

What happens after I submit my participation agreement to UWG?

It will take up to 10 business days for UWG to process your agreement and send your information to WGTC.

Once UWG sends your application packet to WGTC, you will receive an email from our team letting you know that stage has been completed. After that, participants must submit the following documents directly to WGTC for application completion:

  • Lawful Presence document (copy of your driver’s license or original birth certificate)
  • Official final high school transcript directly to WGTC (per TCSG policy)
  • Complete any required Accuplacer Testing for course placement
  • Submit your FAFSA to WGTC (FAFSA Code 010487) for Financial Aid eligibility review
  • Attend WGTC Orientation
  • Then, you may begin taking classes at WGTC

What is the process once I begin taking classes at WGTC?

Be sure to meet with an academic adviser prior to registering for each semester in order to make sure that you are taking transferable classes that will count toward your 24 transferable hour requirement to transfer to UWG.

Once you register for your final semester at WGTC (after which you’ll have 24 transferable hours), you need to submit a new admission application to UWG as a transfer student ( However, the $40 application fee is waived. So, after filling out the application, you need to notify UWG you’ve completed the application. UWG will submit the application for you and can request your official preliminary transcript from WGTC on your behalf.