The University of West Georgia’s Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy is a long-standing collaborative effort between the Richards College of Business and the College of Education.

Our mission is to help teachers, students, and the community master personal finance and an economic way of thinking, and we accomplish this in a variety of ways.

We create resources and curriculum for today's teachers in order to challenge tomorrow's students using original, research-based methods. We facilitate teacher training within our local seven-county region, lead a series of nationwide teacher training sessions and conduct workshops internationally for teachers around the world. If you're ready to learn, we're here to teach!

We host the leading national music video contest for economics and personal finance at the collegiate and high school level with our award-winning program, Rockonomix. Our work helps empower students and professionals to take charge of their economic and financial lives with programs like #ECONreads, Dollars Making Sense, and the UWG Financial Fitness Club.

We serve the community around us with economic and financial resources, and we are a one-stop community resource for financial decision-making. We work to connect local talent to national opportunities with our annual UWG FED Day and High School Symposium, NFL Reading Day, and through our student-directed research. 

We do this because we believe that it is never to early to take charge of your economic life and that powerful changes can happen one student (or one teacher) at a time!



Recent news

Below is a recent article in WalletHub featuring Kim Holder!

WalletHub- Kim Holder



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