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July 2017

Daylight Experience

Interactive Daylight Experience page

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, UWG Online will upgrade CourseDen to the new D2L Brightspace interface design called Daylight. The Daylight interface relies on the functionality you are used to, while introducing a new look that is mobile friendly.

Because Daylight looks quite different, we are providing an interactive web page that will allow you to explore the new look and feel as well as screenshots that will help you find your way around the new look. The Daylight Experience is more than just a visually appealing layout, however. The Daylight Experience interface provides improved flexibility and a responsive design that provides a more consistent user experience that gives prominence to learning activities.

Primary Changes

A single navigation bar that adjusts to the screen size. Items previously on the top navigation bar will migrate to the main navigation bar. In the past, if you have a custom navigation bar, it may look odd in the new Daylight environment. Please contact us for assistance.

A new My Courses widget: Courses now have banners associated with them. Instructors can select one of the 3000 images provided by Brightspace or upload their own. Use search terms to bring up more images for your course.

Responsive Content: On smaller devices, images and navigation bar, including the Table of Contents, will automatically resize.

Tool Enhancements: You will find increased functionality for Quizzes, Intelligence Agents, Discussions, and Assignments.

  • More intuitive Quizzes tool and improved functionality
  • Additions to exempt grade functions
  • Instructors can elect to provide an email notification for submitted assignments
  • User Progress is now called Class Progress
  • Acessibility templates are available and designed to meet accessibility guidelines. To learn more about how to make your course accessible to all learners, check out our Accessibility page or invite us to show you or your department steps to help all your students access learning materials.


Daylight Resources

Interactive Webpage highlighting Daylight Experience in CourseDen

CourseDen Self-Paced Tutorial for Faculty

CourseDen Training & Free Resources for Students

Brightspace Daylight Videos


Screenshots for Daylight Experience


CourseDen Homepage

 CourseDen Home page



Changing your Course Banner

To select a new banner for your course from the images provided by D2L, hover over the banner for your course in the My Course area. Click on the 3-dot icon that appears and select Change Image.

 Change Banner menu

Enter a variety of search terms or select an image from those showing. Only a portion of all available images show at one time.

To upload your own image, select the Upload icon to the right of the Search bar.

upload image icon

Select the Browse button, and then select your file or upload it. Then select Add your selection to the course.

Browse images to update banner


CourseDen Course CommunicationsCourseDen Communication


Course Assessments

Course Assessments



Course Grades

Course Grades


Course Resources

 Course Resources




 Content page in Daylight


Quizzes tool

Quizzes tool - T/F 

Mobile Views


CourseDen homepage

Daylight CourseDen homepage

Daylight Hamburger menu (collapsed)

Daylight hamburger menu

Daylight Hamburger menu expanded

Daylight hamburger menu expanded



Do let us know if you have any questions, comments, or need assistance.

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