UWG’s Online Faculty Development Center (OFDC) is seeking applicants and nominees interested in serving as an OnlineFaculty Fellow to develop and run a faculty mentoring program for faculty teaching online. The OFDC seeks a Faculty Fellow who will work with the OFDC and its Director, Beth René Roepnack.


To be eligible for the Online Fellows Program, current full-time members of the teaching faculty and teaching academic staff must have taught at least a minimum of 12 credit hours of fully online instruction at UWG across the last three (3) consecutive semesters. Fully online instruction for this award is defined as “95% or more of the course must be delivered fully online.”

The successful candidate will demonstrate that he or she:

  • Is strongly committed to quality online teaching and learning, as evidenced by teaching practices and activities designed to advance the quality of online teaching and learning. 
  • Uses effective and innovative online teaching practices that result in student engagement, student satisfaction, and effectiveness in achieving desired learning outcomes.
  • Demonstrates an ability to work with others to foster faculty learning.

Important Dates
The fellowship will begin August 1, 2017. Applications are due to Beth René Roepnack by April 24, 2017. The selected Online Fellow will receive a course release for:

  • Completing research to develop an action plan for creating a mentoring program at UWG.
  • Running a mentoring program for online faculty for fall 2017.


To apply, please print and complete the OnlineFellows application and send it along with your letter of interest, SEIs, and curriculum vitae in one PDF to broepnac@westga.edu by April 24, 2017.

For more information, please contact Beth René Roepnack: broepnac@westga.edu or 678-839-5237.