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I understand CourseDen-D2L is the official USG-supported course management system providing 24-hour/365 day a year support, security, back-up, disaster recovery, and documentation of student information, course records, and content. I understand that if I use tools hosted on alternate servers, through which neither USG or UWG has a service level agreement, I am accepting responsibility for the security and maintenance of student records and course content, student support, and making sure that my use of this outside tool is in compliance with all university policies covering data security, records retention, and any others there may be, along with any legal requirements, such as FERPA.

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If you offer your exam online and via Course Den-D2L, do you wish to allow students to take the exam via a virtual proctoring testing service, as an alternative to a local testing center?
If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like UWG Online to set up your virtual proctoring service or would you like to set it up on your own?
Will you also be offering to proctor this exam yourself, on the Newnan or Carrollton campus, at no charge to the students?
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Please note that full-time staff at UWG Online may have to alter start/end times, passwords, or other settings or procedures,  that may inadvertently prevent a student from completing their exam at a proctored site. We will attempt to call the instructor before any changes are made. If the instructor cannot be reached and we deem the change appropriate and necessary, we will follow-up with a complete report as to what was done and why.

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