What is Kaltura MediaSpace?

Kaltura is an online multi-media tool that allows users to create, edit, stream, manage, access, and collaborate on multi-media projects. The tool can be used to easily capture audio and video, as well as deliver related documents or files. Faculty can easily integrate interactive quizzes into their videos and the system automatically provides captioning. The tools can be accessed two ways, though options may vary depending on the access point:

  1. Use Kaltura MediaSpace Integration with courses in D2L/CourseDen - to share with students only (by default)
  2. Use Kaltura MediaSpace via a public facing website - currently read-only access has been granted

*Kaltura MediaSpace is currently in testing as of May 1, 2017. We anticipate providing this service campus wide in June.
*All documentation lists instructions on how to use these tools within CourseDen. You can use any of the links provided below for more information.

Let's Get Started

For internal documentation on Kaltura MediaSpace tools and services, please use the links below:

Quick Start Guide: general information to get you started
Policies & Procedures: for using Kaltura services
MediaSpace: launch your own video portal for public and private content
CaptureSpace: (being replaced by Personal Capture - will be discontinued in June 2019)
Personal Capture: presentation capture made easy
Captioning Services: unlimited machine captioning
Kaltura vs Youtube: how do they compare?
FAQ: common questions regarding Kaltura MediaSpace
Extension for Brightspace by D2L: use videos to teach and track progress

What can I do with it?

Kaltura MediaSpace  Kaltura's Personal Capture Tool
  • Record screen
  • Record webcam
  • Record audio
  • Or any combination of the three
  • View recordings library

Suggested Technical Specifications

  • Video Formats
    • Codec: H.264
    • Format: .mp4, .mov
  • Additional Video Specifications
    • Broadcast Standard: NTSC
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Video Resolution: for the best viewing experience use 720p or 1080p
    • Files Sizes: for fastest upload keep files under 500MB
  • Thumbnail Specifications
    • Image Size: 1280 x 720 pixels
    • Accepted Formats: .jpg, .png
    • Maximum File Size: 2MB
  • Audio Specifications
    • 44100 Hz
    • Stereo
    • CBR
    • 96K bit rate

Support Information

UWG provides a Kaltura MediaSpace account for all UWG faculty, staff, and students. However, faculty and staff who have instructor access in D2L/CoursDen can use all of Kaltura MediaSpace's functionality, but instructors can only currently publish privately to their students in CourseDen. In contrast, UWG's public Kaltura MediaSpace website currently only hosts public media posted by UWG Online or UWG University Communications & Marketing. In the future, functionality on UWG's public Kaltura MediaSpace website may be expanded.

If you still need support or assistance:

Other Kaltura MediaSpace Resources

Kaltura University: an online resevoir of tutorials and documentation for Kaltura products
Media Gallery: wide range of kaltura video tutorials
Instructional Guidelines: for additional instructional video guidelines.