eMajor is thrilled to have you onboard as we provide many benefits to our online students in conjunction with UWG!

These are your next steps to complete your enrollment:

  1. Access, Setup, & Log into MyUWG
    1. Access & Setup Resources: https://www.westga.edu/its/ myuwg-for-students.php // https://selfservice.westga. edu/showLogin.cc)
  2. Keep an eye on your UWG Student Email account as it is the formal portal for communication between staff, faculty, and UWG students.
    1. It is located within MyUWG using the GMail icon or by accessing GMail directly using “yourusername1@my.westga.edu”
  3. Submit your Immunization Waiver for Online students to immunize@westga.edu
    1. Fill out the top & bottom portions only of this form: http://www.usg.edu/assets/ student_affairs/documents/coi- form.pdf
  4. Pay for and complete Online Orientation through your MyUWG Portal
    1. Hold onto your orientation completion certificate (sent to your myUWG email account), which must be emailed to your academic adviser once your transcript evaluation (Step 6) is completed.
  5. Take Intro Quizzes for eCore and eMajor
    1. eCore site
    2. eMajor site
  6. Wait for your Official Transcript Evaluation to be Completed
    1. You will be notified by UWG Registrar’s Office within 3 weeks after acceptance when your official evaluation is completed. To check on the status, you may email them at transfer@westga.edu.
  7. Get Advised

If you have any questions please contact your eMajor liaison:

Students with Last Names A-J

Vicki Griffin

Students with Last Names K-Z

Meggie Miller