Quality Matters course reviews are designed for mature courses that have been taught previously and/or for courses that are fully developed online (including blended formats).

In order to meet Quality Matters review expectations using the Fifth Edition, 2014 QM Rubric, a course must meet each of the 21 essential standards. In addition, the course must receive a minimum of 84 (out of 99) points.

Courses that successfully meet QM standards are eligible to carry the QM Certification Mark and will also be displayed on the Quality Matters site.

Faculty Developers interested in having their courses reviewed may contact the UWG QM Institution Coordinator for additional information.

Course Title Faculty Developer Year
ECSE 7566 Advanced Instructional Strategies for the 21st Century Classroom Robyn Huss 2018
SPED 3713 Special Education & Mild Disabilities Angela Fain 2018
SEED 4271 Instruction, Assessment, and Management in the Secondary Classroom Robyn Huss 2018
MKTG 3809 Advertising Practices Agnieszka Chwialkowska 2018
CRIM 2000 Survey of Criminology Vanessa Griffin 2018
ECED7262 Investigating the Language Arts Jennifer Edelman 2018
BUSA 2106 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business Leanne DeFoor 2017
CEPD 4101 Educational Psychology Yan Yang 2017
ECED7262 Investigating the Language Arts Jennifer Edelman 2017
CRIM 4712 Law and Society Mai Naito 2017
MEDT 7468 Instructional Multimedia Design and Development Kim Huett 2017
MEDT 8463 Issues in Instructional Technology Linda Haynes 2017
MKTG 4861 Services Marketing Cheryl O'Meara Brown 2017
MUSC 6120 Factors of Musical Learning Dawn McCord 2017
SEED 7291 Instruction and Management in the Classroom Robyn Huss 2017
SPED 6766 Basic Curriculum and Methods Sandra Robbins 2017
CRIM 2273 Criminal Procedure Mai Naito 2016
CRIM 4000    Research Methodology Vanessa Griffin 2016
CRIM 3705 Criminal Profiling Patricia Riley 2016
CRIM 6350 Terrorism David Jenks 2016
EDSI 9961 Quantitative Research Methods Diana Mindrila 2016
MEDT 7468 Instructional Multimedia Design and Development Linda Haynes 2016
MEDT 7476 Assessing Technology - Enhanced Instruction Linda Haynes 2016
MEDT 7490 Visual and Media Literacy Adriana D'Alba 2016
MEDT 8461 Diffusion of Innovations Kimberly Huett 2016
CRIM 1100 Intro to Criminal Justice Patricia Riley 2015
CRIM 2245 Juvenile Delinquency Patricia Riley 2015
CRIM 2272 Intro to Law Enforcement David Jenks 2015
CRIM 3333 Victimology Patricia Riley 2015
CRIM 4003 Statistics for Social Science Elizabeth Stupi 2015
CRIM 4232 Family Violence Patricia Riley 2015
CRIM 4911 Terrorism David Jenks 2015
ECED 7264 Invest Social Studies Methods Frank Stonier 2015
MEDT 7472 Introduction to Distance Education Adriana D'Alba 2015