Current Issues (with workarounds)

See below for "Known Issues," i.e., we know about them but don't have a solution yet.

D2L Quiz Item Analysis

D2L does not provide item analysis statistics if the quiz uses D2L's "Random Section" (where within that section of the exam questions are delivered in a random order from within a set number of questions) even if all the same questions are used for all students. In this case, 50/50 questions were delivered in random order to the students; all students received all 50 of the questions, just in a different order. All the item stats: Standard Deviation, Discrimination Index, and Point Biserial Correlation Coefficient returned "n/a" for all responses.



Pinned discussion threads become unpinned when a student replies to an instructor's post: No Known workaround.

Discussions not working as expected: There are two different issues, both of which are seemingly “resolved” by switching to Grid View instead of Reading View.

  • Click "start a new thread" not responding.
    From D2L: If you go to settings and change to Grid View, start new thread button will resume functionality
  • Regarding “bad HTML” - This is on D2Ls Known Issues list, however, there is no ETA at this time.
    In most cases, text being copied & pasted into the HTML editor is carrying existing html & div tags from the LE (and from external websites) back into the editor. This can cause duplication of the functions on the page, breaking it entirely.
  • Flags not reset properly in Reading View.
    From D2L: As a workaround you can use Grid View to quickly mark all posts as read, and then return to Reading View to actually view the posts. Refresh your browser after accessing each message individually; this will reflect correct number of unread discussion posts in your discussion board. The known issue with 'Discussion not being marked as unread' will be resolved in 10.5.5.
  • Inserting Links in Discussions - There is an issue with links in the discussion tab. Since the upgrade, whenever instructors go to check on their links that are listed in the text of discussions, the links are broken. A temporary solution to this issue is transcribed below:
    1. Go into your course
    2. Select the "Edit Course" option in the upper left-hand corner,
    3. Under the section "Site Resources," select the option "Manage Files,"
    4. Locate the files that you wish to update,
    5. Hover over the name of the file and select the dropdown arrow,
    6. In the dropdown menu, select the option "Rename,"
    7. Rename the file to be all one word and select "Save,"
    8. Note: Ensure that the name does not include any special characters or punctuation.
    9. Go to your discussions tab and locate the files in your discussions,
    10. Re-link the file to the text in your discussions by following the instructions below:
    11. Locate the discussions that have your link listed,
    12. Select the dropdown arrow next to the name of the discussion and select Edit Topic,
    13. In the description, locate the text that is linked,
    14. Click on the link so that your cursor is on the linked text,
    15. Select the link icon in the menu above,
    16. A pop-up window will appear, select the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner,
    17. Select the updated course file from the listing.

This completes the instructions to re-link your files in your discussions. This should allow you and the students to open the file. 


Viewing Files in Dropbox

In order to resolve performance issues, the USG Board of Regents ITS has temporarily disabled CourseDen's document viewer within Dropbox. The document viewer allowed for a seamless transition from one submission or document to the next. While this tool is unavailable, UWG|Online would like to suggest the following alternatives to help you view and grade Dropbox submissions without having to download them:


Known Issues

More information can be found on the Brightspace Community site's release notes from Dec 2015 (username & password required)


  • Dropbox Due Dates in Calendar
    • In courses with Dropboxes copied from other org units, editing and setting the Due Date may NOT cause it to appear in the Calendar as expected. We found that if you remove dates (Start, and End Availability and Due Date) and save without dates, then reset the Due Date, it seems to reset the dropbox and the new Due Date does show in the Calendar. (Originally reported by Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Quiz issues
    • Copying content from Word into a Quiz - causes "Submit" to not function.