The charge of the UWG Online Steering Committee was to establish a common vision, define strategic directions, and identify implementation strategies for the coordination of on-line distance learning services.

Current members include the DDE staff (Melanie Clay, Janet Gubbins, Christy Talley and Stacey Rowland); department faculty/program chairs (Will Lloyd, Elizabeth Bennett, Barbara McKenzie, Mary O'Neill, John Fuller, Sunil Hazari, Jeff Rooks, Micheal Crafton, Brad Prince, Dick Larkin, Dan Saurino); Library representative (Carol Goodson, Shirley Lankford); central ITS representatives (Kathy Kral, Mike Russell, Brian McCrary); college IT representatives (Diane Williamson, Matthew Clay) , Director of Institutional Research and Planning (Andrew Luna), and Director (Donald Wagner). Other members are invited to join transient sub-groups as issues arise.

The UWG DDE Steering Committee meets approximately two times per year.

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UWG Online Steering Committee - Compiled Discussions (Nov 7, 1997 - Dec 16, 1997)

1997 OnLine Distance Learning Planning Report