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As a chapter of the larger Food Recovery Network community that spans the nation, the Wolves Don't Waste (WDW) student organization is powered by students, faculty, and staff members of the UWG community who are tackling food insecurity. These individuals are passionate about fighting food insecurity and food wastage that exists in the everyday lives of our Wolves.

Join Our Team

Interested in joining the fight against food insecurity and wastage at UWG? Click the link below to see how you can get involved!

Students with insulated travel containers supply food to the Wolf Haven Fridges.
Wolves Dont Waste students preparing food.
Students posing in front of Wolf Haven fridges.


Get Involved

Wolf Haven fridge stocked with meals free to grab.

The Fridge

You can pick up recovered food from the fridge on the Campus Center's first floor behind the Rock Wall at varying times throughout the week.  Announcements of deliveries are made on Instagram @wdw_westgeorgia.

Food is available for students, faculty, and staff who need help to obtain food resources. All meals are packaged and sealed with use-by dates. A microwave and silverware are available in the TLC building lobby.

What's in the fridge?

Check out some of the delicious food recovered from campus dining halls, events, and community partners!

Roasted Chicken with Fried Okra.
Beef Stir Fry.
Stuffed Shells and Broccoli.


Wolves Don't Waste aims to promote positive change and awareness of the issue of food insecurity and wastage on our campus. WDW recovers, packages, and stores food for those who need access at no charge.

How does this work? Following the conclusion of campus events and the closing of dining halls during specific days of the week, WDW volunteers will travel to locations and recover unused food by packaging the commercial portions into individual meal containers. The volunteers will transport the food to our designated recovery/refrigerator space. The location of that space is on the first floor of the Campus Center behind the rock climbing wall next to the Game Room entrance. Need a meal, take it! Questions can be sent to wolvesdontwaste@westga.edu.

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