McCalman Family Portrait


The Executive Roundtable provides an opportunity for distinguished leaders to meet and share creative ideas of substance. The McCalman family established the Executive Roundtable primarily to enhance the professional and personal growth of business students. Its membership is chosen to provide a balance between outstanding students, interested faculty, and dynamic representatives of industry. "Roundtable" suggests free discussion, equality, and informality.


The group meets twice a year for a dinner, usually at the Food Services Building at the University of West Georgia. Following dinner, a speaker or panel of speakers addresses the group on a particular theme and then challenges each "Roundtable" group with thought-provoking questions. After discussing the questions among themselves, the Roundtable groups interact with each other, and the members are encouraged to express their ideas.


The Executive Roundtable is oriented toward communication and leadership. Students are invited to join if they show integrity in their campus relationships, if they appear to be highly motivated to communicate, and if they show interest in positions of leadership. Community leaders and faculty members are invited to apply based on their ability and experience in dealing with complex issues. There are no formal dues or initiation charges; there are, however, nominal charges for meals, operating expenses, and student support.