Cohort 1

Garrett BishopGarrett Bishop

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA
Major: Undecided Business
Fun Fact: I am the only freshman in the SSBH program.

I chose this program because it is a really good opportunity to stand out from the crowd in terms of building a resume along with being able to earn a bachelor's and master’s degree in only four years!


Ethan BrownEthan Brown

Hometown: Tallapoosa, GA
Major: Marketing
Fun Fact: In high school, I traveled to Alaska with a National Geographic expedition to Alaska to study wildlife conservation.

For me, sustainability is responsibly managing the use of limited resources while maximizing their potential impact, and creating a positive feedback cycle.


Jared Ervin

 Jared Ervin

Hometown: Delray Beach Florida
Major: Economics
Fun Facts: In my free time I play bass guitar, which I first played in my high school jazz band. I also competed in the 2009 Junior Olympics in Taekwondo.

To me, sustainability means endurance and long-term success. To that end, sustainability can mean having long-term profits, keeping one's environment clean and usable, and maintaining a positive relationship with one's community in order to secure a successful future for everyone involved.


Blair Fox

Kristin (Blair) Fox

Hometown: Douglasville, GA
Major: Marketing
Fun Fact: I absolutely love to fish!

I joined this program because of all the wonderful opportunities I will get from this program. We will not only be helping ourselves out, but we will be helping others in the community through this program and I could not miss this opportunity.


Taylor McDermott

Taylor McDermott

Hometown: Newnan, GA
Major: Management
Fun Fact: I love to travel! I’ve been to over half of the states in the United States as well as parts of Europe.

Sustainability to me is continuing to invest in and to make changes in order to make something last a long period of time by improving the assets available.


Cohort 2



Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell

Hometown: Bowdon, GA
Major: Accounting
Fun Facts: Both of my parents are deaf.

This program has given us a great opportunity to connect, learn, and share experiences with a highly successful company in Southwire, which will, in turn, reward us with a broader and more valuable understanding of business and sustainability in the real world.


Emilty Phillippi

Emily Phillippi

Hometown: Tallapoosa, GA
Major: Economics
Fun Facts: I enjoy playing with my three dogs, reading fantasy and mysteries, and conquering puzzles and trivia.

Even though I joined the Southwire Program due to its opportunities to receive an MBA and perform volunteer work, I have discovered that it also offers the chance to connect with other dedicated business students whose own career plans have provided insight into my own.


Tiffany Ramroop

Tiffany Ramroop

Hometown: Loganville, GA
Major: Finance
Fun Facts: I can play the cello, and I'm probably the shortest person in the program!

I joined this program because it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that will allow me to stand out and build connections with fellow students and the community that will last a lifetime. Not only will I earn my MBA in four years, but I will also gain experience that will allow me to advance in my career upon the completion of my degree! To me, sustainability is preparing and planning for long-term success while ensuring the best use of resources.


Cohort 3



Hannah Beth Baldizon

Hometown: Carrollton, Georgia
Majors: Marketing and Public Relations
Fun Facts: I have been on 14 cruises and 7 mission trips.

I chose to be a part of The Southwire Sustainable Business Honors Program because of the wonderful hands-on experience and learning opportunities it provides. I look forward to working side-by-side with the nation's leading manufacturer of wire and like-minded individuals.



Katlyn Bradshaw

Hometown: Temple, GA
Major: Undecided
Fun Facts: I am the first dual enrollment student to be admitted into this program.

I chose this program not only because of the opportunities that are offered, but because this program will allow me to gain real-world experience in my desired field. I will have a competitive edge among other job applicants due to this foundation and experience. This program was also desirable and will be advantageous to me because I will have the opportunity to serve my community and participate in many projects to help others and fulfill my humanitarian goals as well.



Cailah Cooney

Hometown: Carrollton, GA
Major: Accounting
Fun Facts: My dad is the men's basketball coach at UWG.

I chose to participate in this program to put myself a step ahead of everyone else my age after college, and I agree with and admire Southwire's approach to sustainability.


hannah ervin

Hannah Ervin

Hometown: Bremen, GA
Major: Accounting
Fun Facts: I enjoy playing with my three dogs, reading fantasy and mysteries, and conquering puzzles and trivia.

I love to read and I'm a huge Harry Porter nerd!
Being able to get my bachelor's and master’s in four years? Plus getting so many fantastic opportunities with not only Southwire, but helping the entire West Georgia community? I was so in awe to be invited to this program and I would never have been able to pass it up!



Jesse W. Morris

Hometown: Austell, GA
Major: Management
Fun Facts: I am a member of the UWG Marching Band.

I chose to enroll in this program for the positive outlook it provides, both as a means of meaningful employment and as an opportunity to use my career to benefit the World. Being a part of the SSBH Program makes me feel as though I am on the cutting edge of a new, ecologically-oriented way of thinking when operating a business..



Jacob Stanfill

Hometown: Fitzgerald, GA
Major: Finance
Fun Facts: I am a twin.

I choose this program as it is an incredible way for me to meet new people and establish new connections. Also the knowledge and resources that I will accumulate over the course of this program will be second to none.