Bachelor of Business Administration Learning Goals and Objectives 

The B.B.A. programs provide students with a high-quality business education based on a solid liberal arts foundation so they can secure entry-level positions in organizations and/or pursue graduate studies. To accomplish this mission, the faculty members are committed to educate students, who, upon graduation, will:

Learning Goal 1: Communicate Effectively.
Learning Objective 1.1: Effectively incorporate technology to produce high-quality professional documents.
Learning Objective 1.2: Effectively incorporate technology into a professional presentation.

Learning Goal 2: Develop Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.
Learning Objective 2.1: Frame a business problem by identifying relevant data and evidence.
Learning Objective 2.2: Utilize appropriate analytical and statistical techniques to evaluate data relevant to a business problem.
Learning Objective 2.3: Identify viable alternative solutions and justify a recommendation for open-ended business problems.
Learning Objective 2.4: Evaluate differing stakeholder perspectives and consequences to follow from business decisions.

Learning Goal 3: Possess a Basic Knowledge and Understanding of Core Business Disciplines.
Learning Objective 3.1: Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of accounting, business law, economics, finance, management, management information systems, and marketing.
Learning Objective 3.2: Demonstrate an understanding of globalization on the business environment, international business and trade.

Learning Goal 4: Develop Ethical Leadership Skills and Integrate Other Perspectives When Making Decisions.
Learning Objective 4.1: Demonstrate an understanding of ethical leadership concepts, characteristics, and practices.
Learning Objective 4.2: Address business constraints, competing objectives, and views other than one's own in formulating a decision.