Go to the Program Discovery on the UWG Office of Education Abroad website and search through offered programs. To apply, click “Apply” and follow the steps to complete the application process.
To apply for a passport, you will need to visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply.html and follow the steps provided.
Costs for study abroad programs vary depending on destination, trip duration, and classes taken during the program. You can refer to the “Cost/scholarships” tab on specific programs for more information on individual program costs.
There are many scholarships and financial aid benefits that students can take advantage of. You can find more information about specific scholarships on the Office of Education Abroad website.
When planned accordingly, a study abroad trip should not affect graduation date. If students are still concerned about graduating late but would like to study abroad, they may want to consider a summer study abroad program.
Most of the study abroad trips offered do not require you to speak a foreign language however, there are some programs that are designed specifically for language immersion and will require the knowledge of a foreign language.
There are many options for program durations. You have the option to study abroad for as little as nine days or as long as an academic year.
The easiest way to book a flight is by using a search engine or a third-party travel site to look up flights on specific dates to your host country. Once you have all the details about your destination and dates and have obtained your passport, booking your flight is fairly easy. Determine which airliner you want to use and proceed to select the flight that best fits your trip.
Stop by the Office of Education Abroad Office in Mandeville Hall 115 or email us at goabroad@westga.edu