The Office of Extended Degree Programs is responsible for the administration of the Distance and Distributed Education, Evening/Weekend University, and the Newnan Center. The Office of Extended Degree Programs also provides administrative support for other off-campus graduate and undergraduate courses and programs. The offices of Extended Degree Programs are located on the Carrollton campus in the Honors House and in the Newnan Center.

Distance and Distributed Education

Distributed Education is the new term used to describe alternative learning environments whereby faculty draw on appropriate technology to provide instruction outside the traditional classroom. The distributed model can be used in combination with traditional classroom-based courses or it can be used to create distance education courses, in which most learning occurs independent of time and/or place. In the University System of Georgia, if more than 50 percent of instruction in a course is delivered via distance technologies, it is classified as a Distance Education course.

Through its Distance and Distributed Education Center, the University offers credit classes to students at times and locations outside of the traditional classroom. The University of West Georgia was one of the first institutions in the University System of Georgia to offer full or partial online credit courses, courses which utilize the Internet to deliver course materials and assignments, and to facilitate discussion and other appropriate interactions. Distance or Distributed credit courses are currently delivered fully or partially online, through two-way live videoconferencing, or through a combination of these technologies.

A primary function of the Distance and Distributed Education Center is to provide support services and training for faculty members and students participating in these courses. The Center also provides opportunities for collaboration and research for those who manage and administer Distance and Distributed Education programs throughout the nation through its online academic journal, its online non-credit certificate program, and its annual conference. For more information about Distance or Distributed Education, please visit the Honors House, telephone (678) 839-6248, or visit the University web site.

Newnan Center

The Board of Regents approved and established a West Georgia off-campus center in Newnan, GA, in August 1998. The University began offering courses in the Georgia Power Company's Shenandoah Center in 1990. In 1998, Coweta County purchased the Shenandoah Center from Georgia Power as a permanent location for the University's exclusive use. In 2009, the Shenandoah Center was presented as a gift from Coweta County to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents and the University of West Georgia. The UWG Newnan Center is located off of Amlajack Boulevard in the Shenandoah Industrial Park.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, UWG offers undergraduate courses in the University's core curriculum at the Newnan Center. UWG also offers a variety of graduate degrees in Newnan: Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Criminology, and Master of Education degrees in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, and Special Education. Additionally, courses leading to the Master of Public Administration degree are offered on a regular basis.

The Department of Continuing Education

Traditionally, public institutions of higher education state that they exist for the purpose of instruction, research, and public service. The public service mission has been paramount at West Georgia since its beginning. The faculty and staff have become well known for their efforts in extending the University into the communities of the West Georgia region. Furthermore, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has placed special emphasis upon the role of public service and continuing education to serve as a catalyst for economic development.

Continuing Education and Public Services have emerged as a non-degree extension of the traditional learning process. The Department of Continuing Education is responsible for the assessment, development, and implementation of non-degree programs for those who wish to improve their job skills or otherwise enhance their personal development. This includes the coordination of community educational programs, institutes, workshops, conferences, and specialized training programs which serve as a catalyst for economic development.

Evening/Weekend University

Evening/Weekend University is designed for students attending the Carrollton campus who are unable to attend class during traditional daytime hours. The University offers selected undergraduate and graduate degrees that may be earned in their entirety during evenings and weekends.