All Honors Students are eligible to register for classes on the 1st day of Advanced Registration, regardless of your class status. However, you MUST see an advisor first. Please make your appointments early!

Each semester, all UWG students are required to meet with an academic advisor, prior to registration, to go over the courses he/she should take for the next semester to stay on track. When you meet with your advisor, you can expect to get specific and detailed information about your major, information about UWG policies, the Core Curriculum, programs available at UWG, and career possibilities. Your advisor will assist you in planning the next semester's program of study and help you stay on track to finish your degree in a satisfactory amount of time. Your advisor is also able to assist you in University regulations regarding grades, grade point averages, and other academic policies and procedures. You can expect the highest level of confidentiality from your advisor. Any personal questions or concerns will remain private.

When preparing for the advising process, it is best to make an appointment early on with your advisor. Before your appointment, you should:

  • Research and give serious thought to your choice of major and future educational and career goals
  • Log into MyUWG and access Wolf Watch to see what Core and Major requirements you still need to complete
  • Design a tentative schedule based on the checklist in Wolf Watch and the Course Schedule available through Banweb
  • Bring a list of questions you have for your advisor, as well as a list of courses you may want to enroll

Honors Advisors can advise undeclared majors as well as Undecided Health - Nursing Interest, mass communications and psychology majors. When you obtain major-status in your program, you should be assigned a Major Advisor by your Department. However, you may still contact Honors Advisors for questions regarding your Honors Status and Honors College Graduation Requirements, and also you can bring us your signed Course Registration Form from your Major Advisor and we will register your courses.