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Changing the world.

The Department of Civic Engagement and Public Service is here to help students who want to make global as well as community change.

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Welcome to the Department of Civic Engagement and Public Service

We are opening up opportunities for students to participate in public service and civic engagement regionally, nationally, and internationally through our degree programs in both Political Science and Criminology.

  • With Criminology, the focus for undergraduate students is to achieve mastery of basic academic competencies and a basic level of expertise in the field of criminal justice/criminology. The graduate program promotes a more critical examination of criminal justice/criminology issues, as well as enhancing analytical and communication skills.
  • Political Science aim is to help students develop an understanding of politics and political science broadly defined. The program aims to foster an environment of teaching excellence, scholarship, and civic engagement.


Contact Us

Contact Us

Department Chair: Dr. Anthony Fleming
Contact Person: Jessica Thurber
Phone: 678-839-5199
Location: Pafford 240