The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) serves the legal needs of the university, its divisions, departments, affiliated entities, and its employees (while acting in the scope and course of their employment.) Our mission is to educate the university community on the laws and regulations applicable to the university's operations to minimize legal risks and costs, reduce litigation exposure, and ensure legal compliance efficiently, reliably, and professionally.  

Our office reports directly to the President and serves as the liaison between the institution, USG Legal Affairs, and the Office of the State Attorney General for the State of Georgia. Refer any summons, subpoenas, or other documents relating to a court action to the OLA. Similarly, you can contact this office with requests for legal assistance. If you need assistance with a contract, please visit the Contract Management webpage.

If You Have a Personal Legal Issue

The General Counsel cannot advise on matters which do not concern the University of West Georgia's official business.

Faculty or staff that need personal legal services, should contact a private attorney. If you cannot pay for legal services, you may be eligible for assistance through the Georgia Legal Services Program  or the State Bar of Georgia.

If a legal issue arises as part of your University of West Georgia position/job, contact the Office of Legal Affairs or send your legal inquiries to

Kristi Carman, J.D.
General Counsel

ph: 678-839-5306

Erin Williams, J.D.
Associate General Counsel

1601 Maple Street
Adamson Hall, 1st floor
Carrollton, GA 30118
Ph:   (678) 839-1385 (main)
Fax:  (678
) 839-4728

Legal Topics

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