Associate Professor


Julia L. Whisenhunt, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, is an Associate Professor of Counselor Education and College Student Affairs at the University of West Georgia. She is also the Director of Curriculum and Training for the PREVENT@UWG comprehensive campus suicide prevention program. Dr. Whisenhunt has presented in the areas of self-injury, suicide, creativity in counseling, sandtray therapy, play therapy, post-traumatic growth, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, supervision, and Motivational Interviewing. Her primary research foci are self-injury and suicide. Dr. Whisenhunt has clinical experience working with child, adolescent and adult clients who experience a variety of therapeutic issues ranging from problems of adjustment to active psychosis. She has worked in partial hospitalization, school and college counseling settings.

Education / Degrees

  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, State University of West Georgia, 2001
  • M.A., Master of Arts in Psychology, University of West Georgia, 2003
  • Ed.S., Specialist in Education in Guidance and Counseling, University of West Georgia, 2009
  • Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Practice, Georgia State University, 2012
  • Courses Taught
  • Course Sections and Syllabi

    Spring 2018 Sections

    • CEPD-7111 (Dg & Trtmnt of Mntl & Emtnl Di) Section: 01D
    • CEPD-7141 (Pro Orient & Ethics in Counsel) Section: 01D
    • CEPD-7181 (Adv. Topic in Disordered Eatin) Section: E06
    • CEPD-7181 (Adv. Topic in Disordered Eatin) Section: E07
    • CEPD-9199 (Dissertation) Section: E03

    Fall 2017 Sections

    • CEPD-6188 (Practicum: Prof Counseling) Section: 04
    • CEPD-7111 (Dg & Trtmnt of Mntl & Emtnl Di) Section: 01
    • CEPD-7153 (Crisis Intervention) Section: 01
    • CEPD-9199 (Dissertation) Section: E05

    Summer 2017 Sections

    • CEPD-9184 (Doc Seminar-Professional Issue) Section: E01
    • CEPD-9199 (Dissertation) Section: E01

    Spring 2017 Sections

    • CEPD-7141 (Pro Orient & Ethics in Counsel) Section: 02D
    • CEPD-9186 (Doctoral Internship) Section: E01
    • CEPD-9199 (Dissertation) Section: E03

    Fall 2016 Sections

    Summer 2016 Sections

    Spring 2016 Sections

    • CEPD-7141 (Pro Orient & Ethics in Counsel) Section: 02D
    • CEPD-9186 (Doctoral Internship) Section: E01
    • CEPD-9199 (Dissertation) Section: E03

    Fall 2015 Sections

    Summer 2015 Sections

    Spring 2015 Sections

  • Publication List

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