Professor of German


Dr. Tweraser comes to UWG with a PhD and MA in German Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, and an MLIS in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In the classroom, he endeavors to create a learning community in which students develop through foreign-language and culture studies core competencies of global citizenship. These skills foster greater understanding among peoples and respect for the diversity of human experience, ultimately providing students with the tools to go beyond reductive or stereotypical constructions of otherness and to embrace complexity. Dr. Tweraser is the author of numerous articles on modern Austrian literature and culture, film, and the Cold War, and the monograph Political Dimensions of Arthur Schnitzlers Late Fiction. Recent work has investigated Austrian cultures of memory and film (on Michael Hanekes The Piano Teacher, Wolfgang Glcks 38, Elisabeth Reicharts Februarschatten, and Arthur Schnitzlers Der Weg ins Freie), exploring questions of political identity and consciousness in various artistic media. He is currently researching the migration of Viennese filmmakers, actors, musicians, and artists to Hollywood during the Nazi era, its impact on the motion picture industry during Hollywoods Golden Age, and the role of film in the promotion of American-style democracy in post-1945 Austria.