Requirements for proposing a new degree program

*This information is applicable for all degree levels, stand-alone minors, and certificates

As part of the formal proposal for a new degree program, it is required that all proposals include a plan for assessment. Specific information on requirements can be found in the official proposal form provided within the Academic Affairs division. However all Assessment Plans should contain:

  • Clearly stated student learning outcomes and their relation to the UWG strategic plan. How to write Student Learning Outcomes (PDF).
  • A description of the intended measurements to be used in the assessment of each outcome providing specific information as to the who, what, when, and how each outcome will be assessed.
  • Curriculum & Assessment Map (XLSX) - only required when adding a new program (degree or stand-alone minor / certificate), or modifying the program such that the program curriculum, learning outcomes, or tracks/concentrations are impacted, or when requesting to deactivate a program.

Once a new academic program has been approved, an annual Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report is expected to be completed on schedule one year from inception.
*For example, if a new program were to begin enrolling students in Fall 2019, the program will be expected to submit a Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report by November 15, 2020.

Where do I go to propose a new degree program?

All proposals for new degree programs must be submitted in the UWG Curriculog system. Curriculog system information and login access.