The UWG Blue Coats are a select group of student leaders from across campus involved in a diverse range of activities and pursuing various educational disciplines. We are students that love the University of West Georgia and have a story to tell about our experiences at this unmatched institution.

2019-2020 Blue Coats MembersThe Blue Coats enhance the impact of the Division of University Advancement through ambassadorship, stewardship and selfless service. We do this by serving as hosts at advancement events and interacting with those who can make a significant impact on our futures at UWG. We also provide a student perspective during advancement events and meetings and host alumni, donors, and friends of the university on campus visits. 

What We Represent

Well-intentioned People: We possess selfless motives as we serve the Division of University Advancement and UWG as a whole not our resume or professional networks.

Best Suited for the Purpose: We are striving to succeed in what we do – building and furthering relationships with UWG’s alumni and friends while informing them of the current needs on campus. 

Passion/Zeal/Conviction: We live intentionally – pursuing our unique passions with enthusiastic diligence. This allows for us to have a story to share with alumni and friends of the university.

Visibility: While acknowledging the “well-intentioned” priority, we are leaders on campus raising awareness about University Advancement and the Blue Coats to current students and beyond.

Servant Leadership: Acknowledging all of the above as priorities, we are sensitive to the needs of the University Advancement staff and the leadership of its respective volunteer groups from all areas.

To further clarify these values, we are students who are willing and able to serve the Division of University Advancement in many capacities. Although some of our events are exclusive and prestigious, many are also simple and ordinary. Humility is an important characteristic among our members. We are those who enjoy giving back and saying thank you to our alumni and friends without always being the center of attention.

Member Responsibilities

The Blue Coats are invited to many special events through the Division of University Advancement and the university, but those events are not all we do. Some of our time is spent writing thank you letters, making phone calls and building relationships with University Advancement staff and leadership of the respective volunteer groups. As ambassadors, we are here to serve the Division of University Advancement, and our members are willing to do so, regardless of the task. Alumni and friends want to see results from their financial support and service to the University of West Georgia and the Blue Coats provide a tangible example.

Beyond these, our individual responsibilities include:

  • Attending bi-weekly meetings
  • Volunteering a minimum of 15 hours per academic semester
  • Respectfully representing the Blue Coats and the Division of University Advancement in all areas of involvement on and off campus
  • Serving as hosts for the University Stadium suites and at the alumni tailgate during football season

In addition to our duties and responsibilites, we have a handful of mandatory events that require our presnce throughout the year. These events include functions that all members must attend unless granted an excused absence by the executive council or Blue Coat adviser. Excused absences are typically granted for a member who must perform duties for another organization, has an academic conflict or provides a university-approved excuse.

  • Blue Coat Meetings every other Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. unless otherwise specified
  • A-DAY Events in the Fall
  • Homecoming, including the Presidential Scholarship Gala, in the Fall
  • Alumni Weekend, including the Alumni Awards Celebration, in the Spring

Specific dates for the above events will be provided each year as they are confirmed.

Applicants should have selfless motives and want to serve the Division of University Advancement and the University of West Georgia, not their own resumes or professional network. Campus leaders who embody what the Blue Coats represent should apply.