The University of West Georgia Club Sports program offers the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of athletic events while gaining friendships and developing valuable leadership skills. Each individual club is student-run and establishes an organizational framework, leadership team and schedule to meet the members' needs and expectations.

The University of West Georgia's Club Sports program, administered by University Recreation (UREC), is dedicated to the mission of providing and developing leadership opportunities for students who are interested in a sport or activity. In accordance with the Department missions, Club Sports are committed to improving the quality of life for students, faculty, staff, as well as encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

For additional information, please refer to our UREC Club Sport Handbook
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    • Club Baseball

      Club Baseball

      President: Mackenzie Dinatale

      Vice President: Sage Sammons

      Treasurer: Madison Barnett

      Safety Officer: TBD

      Marketing Officer: Lance McCurdy

      Baseball Orgsync Page

    • Club Basketball

      Club Basketball

      President: John Ramdath

      Vice President: Nick Brown

      Treasurer: Giscard Edouard

      Safety Officer: David Satterwhite

      Marketing Officer: Christopher Fortson

      Basketball Orgsync Page

    • Bass Fishing

      Bass Fishing

      President: Chase Christie

      Vice President: Brandon Black

      Treasurer: Dawson Prince

      Safety Officer: Mathew Colbert

      Marketing Officer: Bailey Stover

      Bass Fishing Orgsync Page

    • Dancers with Attitude (DWA)

      Dancers with Attitude (DWA)

      President: Makaiya Arnold

      Vice President: Agnes Hina

      Treasurer: Alexis Gaither

      Safety Officer: Dejanira Watts

      Marketing Officer: Dejanira Watts

      DWA Orgsync Page

    • Equestrian


      President: Kimberly Moore

      Vice President: Carly Headrick

      Treasurer: Sofi Rue

      Safety Officer: TBD

      Marketing Officer: Hannah Moulder

      Equestrian Orgsync Page

    • Futbol 


      President: Leonel Esquivel

      Vice President: Owura Kofi

      Secretary: John Derek Stroud

      Treasurer: Godfrey Akpama

      Safety Officer: Melchisedec Adobah

      Marketing Officer: Justin Nichol

      Futbol Orgsync Page

    • Lacrosse


      President: Justin Wahl

      Vice President: John Gammans

      Treasurer: Allen Eckles

      Safety Officer: Chase Wieland

      Marketing Officer: Storey Mizzell

      Lacrosse Orgsync Page

    • Student Officials Association

      Student Officials Association

      President: Nicholas Shields

      Vice President: Tyler Spriggs

      Treasurer: Jackson Shelnutt

      Safety Officer: Olivia Wilkey

      Marketing Officer: Kevontay Jones-Leige

      SOA Orgsync Page

    • Wrestling


      President: Mason Patton

      Vice President: Brady Walsingham

      Treasurer: TBD

      Safety Officer: TBD

      Marketing Officer: TBD

      Wrestling Orgsync Page


  • Starting A New Club

    Any group of students with a collective interest in a sport or activity has the ability to start a new Club Sport. The process for doing so is outlined in the steps below. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with the process, please feel free to contact the Club Sports Office for assistance.

    STEP 1:
    ALL CLUB TEAMS MUST BE A REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATION WITH THE CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT (CSI). Please refer to the Registered Student Organization Handbook for details.

    1. Upon completing the Student Organization registration process, clubs interested in becoming a club sport must submit a new club registration form (located on their orgsync page under forms)
    2. Set up a meeting with the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports

    STEP 2:

    Before actually meeting with the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports:

    1. Thoroughly review the UREC Club Sports policies and procedures handbook to gather all relevant information about starting a Club Sports team
    2. Submit constitution and bylaws (per the CSI requirement) using the instructions provided in the application packet and submit a copy to the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports.
    3. Research other clubs in the area, possible leagues, and forecast the potential budget for the club.

    STEP 3:
    Actually meet with Assistant Director of Competitive Sports

    STEP 4:
    Once all documentation has been submitted and officers elected, each officer is required to have an officer training session before final admittance into the Club Sports program.

    STEP 5:
    Recruit interested athletes by advertising an information meeting around campus, in the residence halls, and anywhere else that you think would reach your target audience. For assistance or advice, please contact our Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Lauren Adams, at 678-839-0659.