Why do I need to add Wolf Bucks?

  • So you don't have to carry around cash; you can use your Wolves Card to pay for food, vending, laundry, printing, and copying by swiping your ID card.

Where do I add Wolf Bucks?

  • By visiting The Online Wolves Card Office (when depositing money to your account via the web, you will need to enter the name and campus ID number as it is in the BANNER system) OR
  • By going to The Wolves Card Office which is located on the top floor of the University Community Center.
  • At any of the 7 Value Transfer Stations located in Ingram Library, University Community Center, East Commons, Nursing Building, University Suites and Arbor View Apartments Building A.

What can I do with my Wolf Bucks?

  • You can use your Wolf Bucks at the Z-6 or East Commons Dining Halls, Wolves Den Food Court, Wolves Card Office, UWG Bookstore, Market Fresh Deli & Delights, Starbucks, Einsteins Bros Bagels, Campus Markets(Center Pointe, East Commons,TLC), Ed Center Cafe, laundry machines, snack and beverage vending, lab printing, and copying and printing at the library.

Will I lose my Wolf Bucks at the end of Spring Semester if I don't attend?

  • No. Wolf Bucks will stay on your account the entire time you are at UWG.

Can I receive cash from my Wolf Bucks account?

  • No, the only way you get the money you deposited on your Wolf Bucks account is if you graduate, transfer, or withdraw from UWG as stated in the refund policy on the web.

What do I do after 5:00 p.m. when The Wolves Card Office is closed?

  • There are seven locations with Wolf Bucks Deposit Stations: Library, University Suites- residents only, Arbor View A- residents only, University Community Center, East Commons, Nursing Building. At the Wolf Bucks Deposit Stations, you can deposit money on your account with cash only. At The Online Wolves Card Office, you can make deposits using your Visa or MasterCard.

Where do I report problems with my card?

  • The Wolves Card Office located on the 3rd floor of the University Community Center or by calling 678-839-6525.

Can I use my debit card to add Wolf Bucks?

  • Yes, you can use your Visa or MasterCard debit card to add Wolf Bucks to your Wolves ID card by coming to The Wolves Card Office located on the 3rd floor of the University Community Center, going online to The Online Wolves Card Office.

Is the Wolves Card  the same as my student ID card?

  • Yes, your Wolves Card works as your meal card, vending card, copying card, and library card.

How long does it take to activate once I put money on my card?

  • The money goes on your card instantly when you add online, at The Wolves Card Office, or at Wolf Bucks Deposit Stations.

I left my card at home, can I still deposit Wolf Bucks at The Card Office?

  • Yes, we can manually enter your Campus ID # without you having your Wolves Card with you.

Will I lose my money at the end of the term?

  • No, Wolf Bucks remain on your Wolves Card from term to term.

What time does The Wolves Card Office close?

  • The Wolves Card Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. for the purpose of making ID cards. Wolf Bucks deposits may be made in the Wolves Card Office until 4:30 p.m. each day.

If I have Dining Dollars and Wolf Bucks, which is spent first?

  • When you purchase something at the food service locations (Z-6 and East Commons; all on campus retail dining) you will pay with your dining dollars account first. When you purchase something from vending or snack machines, do your laundry, copy in the library, or print in the print labs, the money will come from your Wolf Bucks account only.

How do I check my balance?

How much does a new ID cost?

  • ID replacement is $20.00

Can I pay for a new Wolves Card with my Wolf Bucks account?

  • Yes, call 678-839-6525 to report your Wolves Card lost as soon as possible or report online, because you are responsible for all transactions on your account. The Wolves Card Office will suspend your account while you look for your Wolves Card. To reinstate your Wolves Card you should call The Wolves Card Office at 678-839-6525 to let us know you have found your Wolves Card or come to The Wolves Card Office to pay the $20 replacement fee to get a new Wolves Card.

Do I need a new Wolves Card every semester/year?

  • No, your Wolves Card is good as long as you are enrolled at UWG.

What can I use my Wolves Card for?

  • You can use your Wolves Card to check out books at the library, to grab some food at all the food service locations, as door access to your residence halls, to wash your laundry, to get a snack or beverage, to print in the print labs or to make copies and to get into all student activity functions.

How much do I have to add to Wolf Bucks?

  • You can add from $5 up to $5,000 in The Wolves Card Office or at The Online Wolves Card Office. At the Wolf Bucks Deposit Stations, you can add from $1 to $500.