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  •  Summary of Benefits

    Summary of Benefits

    The University of West Georgia is an institution of the University System of Georgia. USG offers healthcare, dental, vision and other benefits, as well as retirement plan options for employees working 30 hours per week or more on a regular basis. All USG employees are covered by workers’ compensation, and certain employees also qualify for Social Security participation.

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    2017 Benefits Information

    2017 Summary of Benefits (PDF)    2017 Comparison Guide (PDF)   2017 Vendor Contact Information (PDF)  

  •  Retiree Benefits

    Benefits for Retired Employees

    Career employees of the University System who retire by meeting the criteria for the definition of a University System of Georgia employee eligible for retirement, shall remain eligible to continue as members of the basic and dependent group life insurance and health benefits plans. The University System shall continue to pay its portion of the cost of group insurance for retired career employees. Nothing in this statement of policy shall be interpreted to reduce the benefit committed to existing career employees. A state employee who is employed by the University System of Georgia, a previous University System of Georgia employee who is rehired by the System, or a new hire of the University System of Georgia after October 31, 2002, shall not be entitled to career employee status and must otherwise meet the definition of a retiree as set forth to be eligible for benefits continuation into retirement. An individual who has retired from another State of Georgia sponsored retirement plan may not count such retirement service toward meeting the criteria for being a career employee.

    For employees hired on or after January 1, 2013, the Employer Contribution for healthcare insurance will be based on years of service with the University System of Georgia. Employees retiring with 10 years of service with the University System of Georgia will receive a 15% employer contribution toward their retiree health plan costs. For each additional year of service, the employer’s contribution will increase by 3% up to 25 years of service, after which the employer contribution will increase by 2% to a maximum of 70%.

    2016 Retiree Healthcare Changes

    In 2016, USG will transition its Medicare eligible retirees to a private healthcare exchange and will provide financial support for coverage through the exchange. Below is a recorded informational session that was held in April, 2015 on the UWG campus.

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