How to Use PDF Forms

  • PDF Forms Do Not Need Microsoft Word or WordPerfect to be Viewed
  • They do REQUIRE Adobe Acrobat Reader, a freely distributed program available over the internet. You can find the Acrobat Reader available for many platforms: Windows (all flavors), Macintosh, OS2, UNIX (Solaris, HP, Linux, AIX...)...
    Most everyone on campus has the Reader software on their computer already, so it is not necessary to download the software. If you find that you do not have the software, please let the campus help desk know and they can help you contact your tech support personnel to have the software loaded on your computer.
  • Please talk with your Tech Suport Person before downloading and installing this (or any) software.

"Fill-out and Print" Mode

  • After opening a PDF form, click the cursor on the form where the first field is located (the hand turns into the insertion bar). After you have done this, use the Tab key to move from field to field. The form should calculate automatically. If not, please let us know at Once you have filled out the form, choose Menu command: 'File' and then 'Print'. (but you already knew that didn't you!)
  • Our next step will be a 'Fill-out and Save the data' form, but that's down the road.
  • You can use the forms within your browser or save them to your hard drive.

Saving to your hard drive

  • Windows: right mouse button click
    Macintosh: click and hold for a second on the link and the 'context sensitive menu' will appear.
  • Click on "Save Link As...." or "Save Target As...." (depending on which browser you use) and save it to your hard disk. Realize that if you save the form to you disk, you may not have the latest form. Please check back to these pages often and download the latest forms.
  • The hardest part is understanding where the browser has just saved this file. If you have questions, please contact your Tech Support department first.
  • We have noticed that certain computers will open the form in the browser, while other computers will open the form in Acrobat Reader directly. There really is no difference between the two, and if it happens to you, you are not missing out on any functionality.