Coursework completed or taken at an institution other than the University of West Georgia is considered transfer credit. Students must submit an official transcript from all previously attended institutions. Here at UWG, Transfer Evaluations are processed in the order they are received. The evaluation is typically processed within 2 weeks after a student has been accepted by Admissions. Once processed, students receive email notification that the transfer evaluation may be accessed via myUWG.

Transfer Criteria

When a transfer student is accepted to UWG, the Office of International Student Admissions & Programs sends the student's information to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation. Student transcripts are evaluated in the order they are received and must be translated from a NACES approved organization. Once completed, the student will receive an email informing them that their transfer evaluation can be viewed via myUWG.  

Transfer credit is granted based on the following criteria:  

  • UWG grants credit for courses completed at regionally accredited institutions.
  • Please note that your transfer GPA includes all coursework that can be used to meet degree requirements, including repeats. 
  • A maximum of 90 academic hours may be transferred to UWG.
  • Transfer credit is not awarded for Internships, directed studies, practicums, workshops, orientation classes (less than 2 semester hours), learning support courses, career associate degree courses, and/or courses used to meet CPC deficiencies.
  • Courses accepted for transfer credit must have a "C" average. A grade of "D" in freshman English is not acceptable. Grades of “D” will NOT be allowed in courses designated as major or professional courses in Education. A grade of "C" or above is required for all professional courses in education.
  • All quarter hours will be converted to semester hours on your evaluation. One quarter hour is the equivalent of 2/3 of a semester hour. Thus all of your 5 hour courses will be converted to 3.34 semester hours. A minimum of 120 academic semester hours are required to receive a bachelor's degree.
  • Courses will be assigned UWG course numbers if they are determined to be equivalent. Discipline equivalents are determined by the appropriate academic department.
  • Elective credit (1XXX-4XXX) will be assigned if a course cannot be deemed an exact equivalent.
  • For elective credit to substitute for a UWG course, written approval from the respective department chair is required.
  • In order to determine how transfer credit can be used in a particular program of study, please refer to the University Undergraduate Catalog . Carefully review the Core Curriculum requirements as well as the Program of Study requirements. If you have questions, please contact the advisement center/department of your major. Take a copy of your transfer evaluation with you to Advisement/Orientation.

Transfer Course Equivalency Tool

The Transfer Course Equivalency Tool is provided as a service for students who want to know whether the courses they are taking, or plan to take, will transfer to the University of West Georgia.

This tool is for reference only. University of West Georgia course equivalents are subject to change upon official evaluation by the appropriate department. The listing or exclusion of courses from this program does not reflect on acceptability of the courses to the University of West Georgia.

Transfer Course Equivalency Tool

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