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  • Nothing happens when I click on Administrative Forms
    Banner Administrative Forms is a Java Applet - similar to ADP, Chrome does not properly execute the Banner Java applet.
    Don't use Chrome to run Banner Administrative Forms, use IE or Safari or Firefox. This may require an updated version of Java, but we know these browsers work. Contact the Service Desk if you need a (new) version of Java installed on your computer.
  • I am getting "username / password invalid"

    Other than simply forgetting your banner password, the usual cause of this is your password has expired and you don't know it (yet).
    If you only login to the Banner Batch Jobs Web page, you currently do not get prompted for an expired password ; You only get prompted if you login to the Banner Administrative Forms Java app.
    Try logging into Banner Administrative Forms before opening a SeviceDesk ticket and see if that prompts you to change your password.

    The other main cause of this is you have recently reset your password and still get denied - this is because you have the old password saved in your browser.
    Please go here or go to your browser's Option/Preferneces and find "Saved Passwords" and remove the one for
    If you still cannot remember your current banner password, go ahead and open a service ticket and we will assist in re-setting your password.
    Current banner passwords age at 90 days

  • I am locked out of banner
    The current Banner Security [invalid attempts] setting is #3 invalid attempts. (see above for invalid password). ITS can unlock your account, and will probably prompt you to attempt a password reset by connecting to Banner Administrative Forms before going thru a manual password reset.
  • Reset your password here, incl. password reqs
    You can reset an expired password by going to Banner Administrative Forms, or put in a ServiceDesk ticket.
    Currently Banner will not allow any special characters, only numbers and letters.
    The current password length is 10 characters.
  • Cannot SSH or copy files to Banner host for forms upload
    SCP/SFTP/SSH problems to the banner host are one of two issues, not in the proper group (new user) or bad permissions on the banner host (name change).
    Please put in a ServiceDesk Ticket and let ITS-EAS resolve this issue.