The UWG Telecommunications section is responsible for the Unified Communications and Collaborations (UCC) functions on campus in general, and UWG's telephone system and telecommunications services in particular.

The university employs a hybrid model to provide its UCC services, whereas a unit of the ITS/Auxiliary departments (Telecom) collaborates closely with an on-premises third party vendor (currently AT&T) to maintain two on-campus PBX (Private Branch Exchange) infrastructures (currently an Avaya CS-1000M telephone system capable of providing analog, digital and VOIP signals along with an Avaya Aura PBX capable of providing SIP services).

UWG contracts with a local vendor (currently SyncGlobal) for all its upstream  communication lines (currently eight PRIs and adequate SIP trunks).

UWG Telecomm also serves as the liaison with the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) to provide further services to the campus community such as third party (non-UWG-PBX) voice lines used for regulatory and redundancy purposes.

Some other services offered by the UWG Telecom are consultation and maintenance services related to new telephone equipment, relocations of existing lines, installation and maintenance of voice mail services, setup of conference calls, and Call Center consultancy/services operations.

Further important responsibilities include training faculty and staff on the use of new and/or existing Telecom/UCC features provided, keeping pace with technology changes and improvements, and consulting on various UCC needs.

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